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Grrness ... Teen People

July 10, 2003

While I was reading the August 2003 issue of Teen People, I came across their Debate Club topic for the month, and it was "Pregnant Pause." The statement at the top reads: "State laws require parental notification before teens can get an abortion. It's your body, is it your choice? What do you think?"

This is the letter Teen People will be recieving from me in a short while:

I was absolutely appalled by your short article, "Pregnant Pause." This topic should not have even been addressed. By writing this piece, you are telling teens that it is all right to kill. It is a sick thing that abortion is even apart of our world today. And I would hope that any parent in their right mind would not allow their daughter or son to follow through with an abortion. Abortion is murder!

Respect Life. Everyone is entitled to have a chance to live and experience the beauty of the world that God has given us. And when it comes to respecting the lives that God gives us, there is no choice. God is Pro-life.

"This is OUR generation, these are OUR brothers and sisters and we commit to fighting for their lives. You will not silence our message, you will not mock our God, and you will stop killing our generation!" -Rock for Life

I have enjoyed your magazine for over four years now, and sadly I will have to add it to the list of many things that promotes immoral acts. So when my subscription ends at the end of this year that will be it. I will challenge myself and all of my friends to not buy "People" and "Teen People" magazines in the future, because of this article.

Choose Life.

I was furious when I read this short article, let me tell you. If you get a chance, pick up a copy of the magazine and read it (don't buy it). Page 170.

And I encourage you, if you agree with me on the matter, that you write Teen People as well.

And I challenge you to not support "People" and "Teen People" magazines anymore.

This is a picture of an operation on a baby still in the mothers womb.
When the doctor was performing the operation the baby's hand came out and
clutched the finger of the doctor.