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Name: Christine
Nicknames: Chris, Pippi, Eliza, Maddie (none are in use anymore)
Residence: Deep in the heart of Texas ... well not too deep
Birthday: February 2, 1985
Religion: Catholic (and lovin' it)
Pets: Labrador Retrievers; Bucky and Ross
School: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Major: Architecture
I am: a reality TV junkie ... a morning person ... going to miss PowerFm and all of it's great music, when I leave!
I haven't: decided if I like *N Sync anymore or not ... LOL.
I hate: mmm ... don't know ... maybe ... mainstream (c)rap music, MTV
I love: Christian Alternative music


Movie: Extreme Days ... cheesy yet cute.
Song: Extreme Days by TobyMac, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything performed by Relient K
Band: Relient K
Music: rock, pop punk, pop, and some urban/rap/hip-hop stuff (Grits and TobyMac)
Radio: 89.7 PowerFM (Today's True Alternative ... Christian Alternative Music)
TV Show(s): Big Brother 4, Boy Meets World
Author: Sarah Dessen
Book: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen (or anything by her ... read That Summer and Someone Like You before seeing How to Deal)
Animal: dog ... Labrador Retriever (no rat dogs for me)
State: Wisconsin
Restaurant: Culvers, Cousins, and Kopp's (in Brookfield, WI ... the best hamburgers and custard in the world)

'N Sync Crap

Fan since: December 1998 (took me awhile to give in and admit)
'N Syncer:
Concert: Celebrity (why can't they release this one on video ... it was sweet)
*other* names for *N Sync: *N Suck ... and this is Bryce "*N Sync? they're outSync now"
Appearance (or show): Good Morning Texas in like 2000 ... hmmm ... anything that's behind the scenes like Making of ... or Driven
Song(s): Up Against the Wall, I Want You Back, Digital Getdown, It's Gonna Be Me
Fan-fic Site:
hmmm ... Matters of the Heart oh I don't know ...
Story: Middle of Nowhere ... and it's sequel Runaway
Advice for other fans: loosen up when people make fun of them ... because it's fun to do!

CD's in my CD player (08/01/03):
Relient K Relient K
2. Strange Celebrity Remedy
3. Relient K Two Left's Don't Make A Right ...

Song(s) of the Moment (08/01/03):