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September 14, 2003 Long time no write ... what is up? I have a whole lot going on around here. Right now I am fighting a headache. Fun stuff. My parents came up this weekend and brought my dog. I cried having to say good-bye to him. I miss my baby so very much. We beat Texas!!! Yeah! Go Arkansas. Heh ... I never was a fan of any team in TX. Hmm ... Architecture is keeping me busy with lots of projects. I bought the !HERO Soundtrack. It's awesome and makes me want to go see the play even more. I also got FCD Vol. III it's good too. Has songs on it that I haven't heard since I was back home. I miss PowerFM. It is really pretty here ... and I am liking it. College is sooooo much better then High School. My roommate doesn't spend a whole lot of time in our room. So I get it pretty much to myself. Hmmm ... I have been to church a few times and am skipping mass tonight since I am tired and don't feel to hot. I need to stop making excuses though and just go. But I don't think I have enough time to get over there now. It is clear on the other side of campus ... and walking up the hill is not much fun. I have been reading the book "Shine" recently. It is sooo interesting. It is about how to 'shine' for Christ and the kingdom of GOD. I would suggest it. Good stuff. Well I think that is it ... oh yeah I started to work on a new story. I only have about 4 paragraphs though ... so who knows. *shrugs* Catch ya later! God bless.

August 24, 2003 Well I am all settled in ... stupid net is down, so I have to sign onto AOL. Either that or I did something to my computer and messed up the internet connection. Not a good thing. Hmph ... Classes start tomorrow. Fun fun fun. I already miss writing stories. Maybe I will come up with something to write. It relaxes me and right now I think I need that. I should have brought one of the ones I had been working on and never put up or finished at all. Oh well. Maybe when I get home I can pick it up. Anyway I ... don't know ... My RA is pretty cool. I haven't really chatted a whole lot with my roommate though. Since she has been in and out and I have been with my parents. They left this morning and boy did that suck. I miss 'em a whole lot. TV choices kind of suck up here. LOL. I guess I am just so used to DirectTV which I complain about a lot. But at least it has choices. I am thinking about going to this "Night of Worship" thing tonight. It seems like something I would like. But it is at nine and I am already half asleep. And worried about walking up there in the dark by myself. Hmmm ... stupid room is really dusty. Heh ... I think I am going to go ... and find something to entertain myself on the net. Talk to you all later! God bless.

August 21, 2003 So I will be in my dorm room officially tomorrow. Just a tad scary. LOL. I am going to miss my parents sooo much. And my puppy dogs. Don't know what to say ...

August 19, 2003 hmph ...

August 1, 2003 First off ... Happy Anniversary to my parents ... 22 years ... The best part of today, was when I bought the Relient K single The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything it is a song from Jonah: The Veggie Tales Movie ... it's soooo funny. I haven't seen the movie, but I love the song. I am really digging Strange Celebrity's CD Remedy. It's some good rock. I think it is their debut CD and I like it ... I really do. Only to song number three though, so far so good. I went to the Dallas Aquarium today, fun stuff. I just went to help my friend get some extra credit for her biology class. I was supposed to help her move into her dorm this weekend, but since I am going to the b-ball game ... I determined this morning that there are Christian bands/artists who are in mainstream and mainstream bands/artists who are in Christian. So it would be like:

Christian bands/artists in Mainstream: P.O.D., Stacie Orrico, Amy Grant, Relient K (starting to bridge), PAX 217 (just signed to a mainstream label)
Mainstream bands/artists in Christian: Sixpence Non the Richer, MXPX, Lifehouse (these bands are played on Christian Alternative radio)
oh ...
and then you have the Christian bands who have songs in movies/tv shows: Jars of Clay (A Walk to Remember, Crossroads, Drive Me Crazy), Superchic[k] (Legally Blonde 2, MTV's Real World), Switchfoot (I can't remember what it was)

Man this CD is awesome! I highly recommend it!

July 31, 2003 *jumps up and down* I get to go see Chris, I get to go see Chris ... hehe ... my Dad didn't do the scavenger hunt thing (he chickened out, even though he could have won), but he bought us tickets to go to the baseball game. I guess Chris is going to be on the radio tomorrow morning, don't think I will listen though since it will be on mainstream radio. Anyway my Dad was telling me ... "If you have nothing to do tomorrow afternoon they are supposed to have batting practice tomorrow at two ... I think he might be staying at this really nice hotel out in Frisco" And then he proceeds to tell me how to get out there. Gotta love my Dad. LOL.

July 30, 2003 *pouts* My favorite guy on Big Brother 4 got voted out. David was sooo cool. Heh ... you had to love his cannon balls into the pool to soak whoever was asleep on the hammock. And what sucks even more ... grr ... Alison won HOH ... Dana should have put Nathan and Ali on the block and got one of them out. Sucky-ducky... anyway I am gonna go ... Nathan is a pig ... just thought I would share!

July 26, 2003 *still laughing* Last night, we had a birthday party for my friend (she will be 19 tomorrow) and she got the movie Drumline. So we watched it ... and then we watched JC's music video. I, being the anti-maintstream person I am (excluding *NSync of course), had never seen it. And my word ... that was funny. First he had the "Jesus" thing going on ... get a hair cut ... and then as soon as the trucker hat appeared ... I was like "All right let's just put him behind the wheel of a semi-truck and send him on his way." *laughs* *pouts* Sooo sad ... my FAVORITE band, Relient K, is playing a club in Dallas November 8 ... and do I get to go??? No of course not, because I will be in Arkansas ... this sucks. I really want to see them. They aren't even going to be in AR. It's sooo sad.

July 22, 2003 My Dad is sooo cool. Every year the sports radio station (The Ticket) here in Dallas is a part of a softball game for charity, and last year Chris and someone else from the group played in it, and they are going to be back this year. But you can join this contest to win a spot on the team and play with Chris and whomever else is on the team. And my Dad said he would do it if he has time. LOL. I love my Dad ...

July 21, 2003 Awe ... according to Chris got a new doggie. Hehe ... it's a lab/rott mix. Neato. I've been trying to get a new puppy ... but my parents are like "No way." Since I'm leaving in August and I already have 2 labs. (They are my babies.) Bucky is a chocolate, he's six ... and Ross is a yellow lab/mix (not sure what other dog(s) he is or how old). Both weigh like a 100lbs. If you are into dogs and want one, I highly recommend labs.

July 15, 2003 Justin has a dirty mouth. Just thought I would share. I watched that Making the Video (I was baadd, and broke my 'no mtv' rule). What happened to the innocense??? I was watching random tapes yesterday and I happened across "For the Girl Who Has Everything" ... so cute. LOL. The whole TP thing is still pissing me off. Read about that here.

July 4, 2003 Happy 4th. I had an awesome time last night. My friends and I went to the Newsboys concert at Star Spangeld 4th. It was soooo cool!!! We were in the front row, and when I waved to Peter he waved back ... when I smiled at Phil he would smile back. It was soooo cool. You could see the sweat coming off of them. Ick. Hehe ... Kutless was really good to. I am going to have to buy their CD now. We got there early, and watched Kutless do their soundcheck. And when a couple of the guys in the band left and tried to get back in the security people were like you can't come back in. It was amusing. Oh ... when Kutless was on stage there lead singer, Jon, jumped off of the stage like right in front of me. I was afraid he was going to land on me. LOL.