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Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game
by Christine

This story is written like it would be if it was in a newspaper (or at least I was attempting it).
The rule of thumb is that after the first time a person is mentioned, you just use their last name the rest of the time.

Chris Kirkpatrick graced north Texas with his presence Saturday night at the 2nd Annual Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. The game was put on to benefit the Charities of The Mike Modano Foundation and Gilda's Club. Other celebrities to attend were: Mike Modano, Brett Hull, Geoff Stults of 7th Heaven, Greg Ostertag, Nick Van Exel, Mark Cuban, and a few others.

The Home Run Derby seemed to take forever, with it's two categories of non-celebrity and celebrity contestants. Kirkpatrick of course was a celebrity contestant. His score, 170, was not good enough to win, but better then Stults' score of 70. As Kirkpatrick walked off of the field, they played "Bye, Bye, Bye." The announcer apologized for that one.

The game started off, with the introduction of the Red Sox and the Black Sox. Kirkpatrick played on the Red Sox team along with Modano, Van Exel, and Stults. Kirkpatrick played right field during the first and second innings. He only had to run for it once, but the ball bounced off the wall a few seconds before he got there.

"Justin Timberlake's best friend, Chris Kirkpatrick," the announcer said as Kirkpatrick stepped up to the plate. This, of course, elicited a few screams from the crowd. Even though Kirkpatrick did get a hit off of the first pitch he didn't even make it to first base before he was out. At the end of the 2nd inning the Black Sox were ahead 6-0.

In between innings, Alexa Conomos of WFAA News 8 talked with Kirkpatrick. Conomos asked him why he was out there. They talked a little bit about how last year he and Modano had a little run-in; which left Chris with a broken thumb, unable to play, and earning the title of celebrity MVP.

"'N Sync is going back to the studio next month," Conomos started.

"No it's over," Kirkpatrick jumped in while making several gestures suggesting that this was a good thing and added a few thumbs up as well. His answer created a mixed reaction amongst the crowd.

"I'm just kidding," Kirkpatrick laughed it off a few moments later. Conomos breathed a sigh of relief, as did every other 'N Sync fan in the stands.

Kirkpatrick had a base hit during the 8th inning, he made it to second. At the end of the 8th it was tied 8-8.

During the 9th, the Black Sox did not get any hits, so it was up to the Red Sox to break the tie. Kirkpatrick was the last to bat and there was a man on third. The Red Sox manager pulled him aside for a minute. Kirkpatrick walked back to the plate and waited for his pitch.

Kirkpatrick swung and hit the ball to right field and it just kept going. He had hit a home run. The Red Sox waited for him to round the bases and celebrate their victory over the Black Sox. The score was 10-8. Kirkpatrick received several pats on the back in congratulations.