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Show Me The Way

Aubrey sat quietly in her hospital bed. Staring, wanting the hours to go faster. She knew why she was there, but wished to be other places. Gazing up at her favorite poster, of her favorite person, JC Chasez of *NSync. She was startled out of her thoughts when a nurse opened the door.

"Aubrey, you have a visitor." Nurse Jamie, a favorite of all the kids there said.

Aubrey looked up with expectant eyes, not many people visited, not even her own parents. They came in every once and a while, but not as often as Aubrey would have wanted or even needed them to. Her face brightened up when she saw who was at the door. He walked in slowly not wanting to scare her, but when his gaze moved to the poster on the wall, he felt more comfortable.

"So I have a fan 'eh?" He asked.

"Not just a fan, but your biggest fan, if I don't say so myself." Nurse Jamie said, "Isn't that right Aubrey?"

Aubrey just nodded her head. JC sat down in a chair across the room. "I'll leave you two to get aquatinted." Nurse Jamie said and left the room.

After a moment of silence Aubrey spoke up for the first time, "Where's everyone else?"

JC looked up, "They're out and about." He paused, "You have a very pretty name, Aubrey."

She blushed, and picked at the blanket, "Thanks. So do you Josh."

"Thank you to." He said, and stood back up. JC walked over to her bed, and sat down on the edge, "So . . ."

"So what?" She asked. Aubrey looked up at him and smiled. "I never thought I'd live to meet you."

JC looked at her shocked. "Why do you say that?" He asked curiously. He'd never had anyone say THAT to him before.

"Just because of what I'm going through. I don't have much longer." Aubrey said.

"Oh." JC sighed. How anyone could say a thing like that disturbed him.

"Could you sign my poster?" Aubrey asked. She looked at him with pleading eyes.

"If you give me that look of course I will." JC said. He smiled hearing her giggle. JC got up and pulled a sharpie out of his back pocket. "Now what should I write?"

"Your name works for me." Aubrey said.

"Okay, but I'd like to write you a message. Give me a minute or two." He chewed on the end nervously. After two minutes if thinking he wrote: 'Fans like you are why we stay in this business. Your the inspiration. Aubrey you have a beautiful smile, and it'll always be in my mind. Stay sweet, God is always with you. Love always, JC Chasez.'

JC put the cap back on the marker, and stuffed it back in his pocket. "All done."

"Could you read it for me?" Aubrey asked.

"Of course sweetie." JC said. He read it for her. Aubrey listened with intent ears, she tried to hold back tears, but they came anyway.
JC walked over to her bed, and gave her a hug. "Thank you so much, Josh."

"You are welcome, and I meant everything I wrote." JC smiled at her sincerely. He sat back down on the edge of the bed.

"Will you pray with me?" Aubrey asked. She wiped her face off and smiled.

"Yes." JC said. He took her hand in his, and listened to her prayer, word for word.

"God. I want to thank you my life, friends, and family. The situation you've put me in is your plan for me, and I will follow it till the end. Thank you so much for bringing Josh here today. It means the world to me. Bless him, and his family and friends. May they live in all the love they need and have long happy lives. Lord please help me on my journey, and show me the way when it's over. I want to be with you in your kingdom forever, thanks again for having Josh here with me. AMEN."

JC looked down at her face, she was crying again. He said a silent prayer to himself, "Lord hear her prayer, and make her wishes true. Thank you for bringing me here today, it's taught me a lot. Bless Aubrey. Lord bring her peace. AMEN."

Aubrey had put her head on the pillow. JC felt a wave of calming peace come through the room. He knew Aubrey was in a better place, and her time here was over. He let go of her hand, and stood up. Bending over, JC placed a light kiss on her forehead. A silent tear fell down his cheek, as he left the room to let the nurse know Aubrey had gone to a better place.

JC knew she was in a better place, and that he had a Guardian Angel watching over him for as long as he lived.