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The Piano

The little boy squealed with delight, as his Daddy played the piano gracefully. The baby’s fists pounded on the keys, disrupting the beautiful melody. His Daddy laughed genuinely, and continued to allow Micah’s banter. A future musician, just like his father.

The mother stood by the doorway and watched. So glad her boys were happy, yet she had to ruin the moment, “Joshua, it’s time for Micah to go to bed.” She walked into the room.

“Awe five more minutes Mommy. Please?” Joshua gave the puppy eyes to his wife.

She gave in, “Five minutes.” Madison turned and left her boys to themselves.

* * *

Joshua’s hands covered Micah’s he led the three-year olds fingers over the keys, Micah watched avidly. Taking in the movements.

The tune was simple, yet meaningful. And over. “Again Daddy.” Micah said turning his chubby cheeks up to his father’s chiseled features.

“You bet.” Joshua smiled and kissed the boys forehead, and took his hands again. They played once more. Madison appeared in the doorway, and waited for the tune to stop.

When it did, “Time for bed Micah.” She stated.

“Five more minutes Maddie, baby.” Joshua said and grinned. It had become routine. Micah looked up sporting the same grin as his father’s. Madison shook her head, and left the doorway, retreating back to her room.

* * *

The evenings continued on the same over the years, only one thing changed though, the fact that Micah was now playing the tune, as his father watched in awe. Micah’s ten-year old hands grazed over the ivory keys, with as much enthusiasm as his fathers.

“Almost time for bed Micah.” Madison appeared in the same doorway, as always. She watched the two guys; share their moment together, again.

“Five minutes.” Micah said his hands stopped for a minute to look at his Mom standing the doorway.

“Keep going.” Joshua encouraged glancing at his wife and grinning. He was proud of their son. Micah began again, and finished the same tune, this time his father putting words to the notes.

* * *

His father was gone, but the tune was still heard throughout the house, every evening. Micah sat at the bench, staring down at the keys, not sure if he wanted to continue this, without his father next to him. But he did.

Micah’s fingers brushed over the keys, expertly, that was his job now. He was a professional musician, following in his father’s footsteps. The same tune, and the words that had been put to it, only eight years ago, started up.

Madison walked into the room, and sat down on the bench, this time. She watched him proudly, and when it stopped, “It’s getting late.” She stated.

“I know. Just five more minutes Mom.” Micah smiled, the same one his father showed so proudly. He’d grown up, no longer the little boy pounding on the keys, but creating beautiful music.

His mother smiled, kissed his cheek, and stood up. She walked out of the room, listening to his music.