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These Moments

Click! The cameras shutter sounded at the press of that button. Another moment captured in his life. The two men in hers continued to laugh and toss the NERF football in the large backyard.

There were always endless moments like these. The world was perfect, and Makayla was determined to capture it all on her camera.

James picked up their four year old son, as the little boy squealed with delight. Both had great smiles on their faces. She focused once again and took another shot.

Ryan was growing up so fast, before they knew it he’d be off to college, but for now he was there. Makayla didn’t want to miss a moment of it. Ryan laughed as his Daddy tickled his stomach, and the two wrestled in the freshly mowed grass.

Makayla looked through the lens once again, after focusing she took another picture. This time Ryan was on top of James bouncing up and down. Her boys, they were so full of energy. This picture was definitely going in a frame after she developed it.

Ryan got off of James and picked up the soft football as best as his little hands would allow. James stood up and waved at Makayla, seeing that she had the camera posed at her face. His smile was beautiful, and she zoomed in closer just to capture it. And the look in his eyes, she never wanted to not see it.

“Mommy come and play!” Ryan yelled running up to her, football in hands.

“No that’s okay. You just play with Dad. I want to finish up this film.” Makayla stated camera still near her face.

“Okay.” Ryan said. He ran back toward James and threw the little football. James pretended to dive for the ball, and ended up rolling across the yard, “Daddy!” Ryan giggled with excitement as he approached his father.

“Are you okay?” Makayla asked from her spot on the deck.

“I’m fine.” He said sitting up and laughing. Makayla took another snapshot. James stood up and brushed himself off.

The phone inside the house rang. Makayla stood up and walked inside through the sliding glass doors. She picked up the phone and clicked ‘on.’ “Hello.” She answered.

“May I please speak with Makayla Stevens?” The person on the other end asked.

“This is she.” Makayla spoke up.

“Um…yes, Mrs. Stevens,” She paused and flipped through some papers, “I have results from the pregnancy test you took earlier.”

“Great.” Makayla said happy to hear her back so soon. Silently praying for the positive.

She said, “Congratulations. The test came back positive.”

“Thank you so much for getting back to me.” Makayla said and hung up the phone excitedly. She walked back outside, and sat down on the steps. Having already decided she’d wait a bit to tell James.

“Who was that?” James asked sitting next to her on the steps. Ryan was now playing on his swing set.

“No one.” Makayla said trying to hide her smile. James looked at her strangely. “I want to get a shot of all of us.” She stated and stood up.

“All right.” James said. Makayla walked back into the house to get her tripod to set up in the grass. “Ryan! We’re going to take a picture.” The little boy got off the swing and walked over.

Makayla came out shortly after with her tripod in hands. She set it up in the grass and positioned the camera on it. After setting the timer to take a couple of shots, she sat next to James who had Ryan in his arms. “Ryan, look at the camera.” Makayla said.

Ryan looked up at the camera and grinned just in time for the first picture. Makayla leaned over, waited a few seconds and whispered, “I’m pregnant,” into James’ ear.

He looked over at her shocked, and the camera took the final picture. Just as she had hoped. Makayla smiled and nodded seeing his questioning looks.

“Can I go play now?” Ryan asked looking up at his parents. Makayla nodded and the little boy got off his Daddy’s lap. James was still looking at her.

“What?” She asked smiling, “You’re looking at me like I have three heads.” James laughed and put his hands on her cheeks.

“You make me so happy.” He said and leaned in to kiss her.

“I’m glad.” Makayla blushed, “You make me happy to.” She leaned in and kissed him again. James rested his hand on her stomach and rubbed it softly. “Was that who called?” He asked.

“Yeah.” She answered looking down at his hand. He pulled her closer, and kissed her forehead. Makayla rested her hand on his shoulder.

Ryan played happily on his swing set. He was going to be a great big brother and Makayla couldn’t wait to capture it all.