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Let That Be Enough

Keira stood shocked; the words her parents had just told her rang over and over in her head. She had to sit down. “You’re adopted…you’re adopted.” What was that supposed to mean? And who were her real parents then?

Her Mother handed her an envelope with her name scripted across the front. It was sealed tightly with a pink heart sticker on the back. “This is from your real Mom.” She said, “We had an open adoption, and she was the one who named you. We asked her to do that.”

Keira stared down at the envelope in her hand. Her right hand going up to play with the small key which she always wore around her neck. Keira had never known what it opened; however it was one of her most prized possession.

“We’ll let you read the letter alone Keira.” Her Mother said standing up and taking hold of her husband’s hand. “Everything will be okay.” She kissed her daughter’s head and they walked out of the room, leaving her to read the letter.

Keira let go of the key, and turned the envelope over. Her fingers slipped under the paper, and carefully tore open the envelope she pulled the letter out. Unfolding the sheet of paper, her hands shook the whole time. Afraid of what it said, Keira slowly began reading the letter.


If you are reading this that must mean you are now eighteen. I hope that by this time your Mother and Father have told you that you are adopted. They are wonderful people, and I hope they’ve raised you right. You may be wondering who I am, and what’s going on. To start off, I am your Mom, my name is Jada Riley Thomason, and your Father is Justin Randall Timberlake.

The decision to put you up for adoption was mutual; we both decided it was for the best if you had two parents who could be with you all the time. It was hard to know that you’re Dad would not be raising you like I had hoped, but he had a busy lifestyle at the time.

At a young age I was diagnosed with Leukemia, and went into remission after almost twelve years. Shortly before I found out I was pregnant with you my Leukemia had come back. I knew when I found out about being pregnant that I wouldn’t live to raise you. It would be too hard of a delivery and recovery wouldn’t be easy either. There wasn’t any idea of how long I would live after. When I told your Dad he was ecstatic, and already making plans. But when I told him about my Leukemia it upset him and we didn’t talk for a few weeks.

I did my best during my pregnancy to eat healthy and follow doctor’s orders so you wouldn’t be harmed in anyway. You were important to me, and from the moment I heard you were around I wanted to make the best of my time spent with you. You’re Dad did the same, as best as his job would allow.

He had this idea in his mind that he wouldn’t be able to raise you without me being there with him. After talking about this, we both decided it would be best to give you up for adoption. And we wanted it to be open, we wanted to know who your parents were going to be, and we wanted them to tell you.

I also wanted to be able to give you something to know me by. The key that you wear around your neck opens a small chest, which your parents should have at your home. Ask them to see it, and they will. Inside should be a way for you to get a hold of your real Dad, photos, and some video. He promised me that he wouldn’t move, and if he did he would somehow let your Mother and Father know. I know he wouldn’t break that promise, and would love to meet you, as would I.

Take a look in the chest and if there are any questions find your Dad, and he’ll answer them. I want you to know that I love you and am watching you from wherever I am.

God bless.
Jada R. Thomason

Keira folded the letter up and put it back in the envelope. Getting up she walked into the kitchen knowing that is where her parents went. Her Mom looked up from the stove where she started cooking their dinner. “Where’s the chest?” Keira asked standing in the doorway.

“It’s in the basement near the back window.” Her mother answered smiling. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Keira nodded and then disappeared down the basement steps. She walked towards the back and found the window her Mom was talking about. The chest was dark blue and had silver trim. She knew she had seen it before, but had never thought twice about it. Sitting down on the ground, Keira reached up and took off the necklace.

She put the key in the lock and unlocked it; Keira opened the lid slowly, and cautiously looked in. Inside was a picture frame, she pulled that out, and looked at the picture. Her parents, Keira could see how she resembled them. Her hazel eyes and his curly hair, she smiled. They looked happy together.

Keira set the frame down and reached into the chest again pulling out another little photo album. Pictures of her real Mom and Dad and ones of them with four other guys were inside. The last photo in the album was of Keira’s real parents and her. She looked to be about one in the picture, and her real Mom looked sick. Keira wiped her eyes not bothering to hold back the tears.

She closed the album and set it on the ground to her right. Reaching back into the chest Keira pulled out a stuffed pink pig with a baby blue ribbon tied around its neck, she set that in her lap. Next she pulled out two VHS tapes, she’d have to ask her parents about watching those later.

There was a shirt inside that said, “FuMan Skeeto.” Keira looked at it oddly, “Wonder what that is?” She asked herself and laughed at the words printed across the front. She reached inside again and pulled some out some CD’s. She saw her real Dad’s face on the cover and the four guys that were in several of the pictures Keira had looked at previously. “A musician.” She grinned.

She peaked inside one last time; the last thing remaining was another envelope with her name across the front in different handwriting though. Keira opened it just as cautiously as she had the first one.

My Dearest Keira,

Your Mother, Jada, and I certainly, hope that you have been raised right. I pray every day that you have. It was a hard hit when I found out that your Mom would die, after having you. I didn’t think I could raise you by myself. At this point, I don’t think I will have regretted ever giving you up for adoption.

Jada, died a year after your were born, we had already given you up for adoption by then, and the last time I saw you was the day you turned one. You were beautiful then, as I am sure you are now. That was a hard day to get to hold you in my arms, and play games with you. Keira, you were a mess with the cake your mother insisted on making for the party that the Myers, threw for you. We were excited that they invited us to join in on the celebration. They certainly are wonderful people. We didn’t think we could go wrong with allowing them to raise you.

If you have ANY questions at all PLEASE contact me. I would love to hear from you, as you are my daughter. Just to hear your voice would mean a lot, feel free to drop by too. The address is on the back of this sheet, I won’t move, and I should be there.

Also enclosed is a check for $10,000. Use it as you wish, I don’t care if you blow it all on junk food, it’s for your pleasure. If you need more, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will provide for you in any way need be. There is also an account in your name, with money for school and a car, if you wish. That information is on the back of this sheet as well.

If you need anything or have any questions please let me know. I am willing to do anything for you. Just let me know.

With Love,
Justin R. Timberlake

Keira sighed and flipped the letter open, glancing at the address, “Tennessee.” She mumbled to herself. “I have to go.” She stuffed the letter back into the envelope, after pulling out the check, and raced up the stairs.

“So?” Her Mother asked and her Dad looked on curiously.

“I have to go to Tennessee.” She said and ran out of the kitchen. Keira bolted up the stairs and up to her room. Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs she knew her parents were coming up, to ask her why.

The door opened and Keira glanced up from where she was tossing clothes into a small bag. “How are you going to do that?” Her Dad asked.

“He gave me money.” Keira stated, and walked into her closet. “My real Dad gave me money to do whatever I want with it, and I want to go to Tennessee to meet him.”

“But you don-” Keira cut her Mom off.

“He left his address. Please I have to do this. If I don’t I’ll regret it.” She paused, “I have questions, and I don’t think you will be able to answer them.” Keira stepped out of her closet with a dress in her hands.

Her Dad nodded, “I’ll book you a flight.” He turned and left the room. Keira’s Mom sat down on her bed, and folded the clothes she had thrown out and placed them carefully inside the bag.

“The day you came to us was amazing. It was everything I’d ever hoped for.” Her Mom started, “You were so beautiful. Your birth parents were amazing people also, she was a photography major and he was in a very famous music group. Your Dad and I tried so hard to have our own children, but it never worked.

“We decided to apply for adoption, and we met them through the agency. They loved you a lot, and the two of them were glad that we would be your parents.” Her Mother finished.

“How old were they?” Keira sat down on the bed next to whom she’d always known as her Mom.

“Your Dad was 22, and she was 20. They were young, but they never seemed to regret that they were having you, nor giving you up for adoption.” She said.

“It seems weird that he wouldn’t have wanted to raise him himself.” Keira stated.

Her Mom ran her fingers through Keira’s hair. “I know. Ask him about it when you go.” She said. “We love you Keira, and I hope that he is willing to meet and visit with you.” Keira nodded as her Mom stood up. “I will let you finish packing.”

Keira nodded again and watched her Mom walk out of the room. She sighed, and looked down at the open bag. Did she really want to go through with this? Taking in a deep breath, Keira mumbled to herself, “I have to.” She folded the dress up, and set in the bag neatly.

+ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

Keira treaded into the kitchen, and opened the fridge door. She looked to see if there was anything to eat, there was nothing, and closed the door.

“Keira!” Her Dad yelled from his office.

“What?” She asked as she headed that way. Keira stepped inside, closing the door behind her, out of habit.

“Your flight leaves tomorrow morning at 8:30.” He said, “Do you think you should call him?”

“I’ll think about it.” Keira answered, “Thanks for scheduling the flight. I’ll pay you back when I cash the check.”

Her Dad nodded, “How much did he give you?”

She swallowed hard, “$10,000 plus I have an account with enough money to pay for college, and buy a car.” Keira sat down in the chair opposite him. “Was his group really that popular for him to have so much money?”

“Oh yeah.” He answered, “Was there a CD or anything like that inside the chest?” Keira nodded, “Go get them honey. I’ll let you listen in hear, on my CD player.”

“There were two videos in there also.” She stated as she stood up.

“Bring those too.” Her Dad spoke up.

“Thank you.” Keira smiled, and left his office. She went back down into the basement, and grabbed the tapes, and one of the CD’s. Keira also picked up the stuffed pig, and went back upstairs.

Keira walked back to his office. “Got it?” She nodded. “What do you want to do first?”

“The tapes.” Keira smiled, and handed them to her Dad. She sat down on the couch that faced the TV and VCR he had set up in there. Hugging the stuffed animal to her, Keira watched her Dad put it in.

“All set.” He stated, “I’ll let you watch it alone. Good night Keira.” Her Dad started the tape, and walked back over to her. He kissed her forehead and left the office.

Keira got comfortable and settled in to watch the video. “This is my life, well as of the year 2002 it has been my life for the past 7 years. I hope from watching this, Keira, you’ll understand a little better why I didn’t want to raise you in this mess.” Her real father said. He was sitting on the couch of what appeared to be a tour bus.

“My life involves so many elements, that I don’t want you too experience at such a young age. Screaming girls…” There was a clip of teenage girls screaming, with ‘I (heart) Justin,’ written on their foreheads. Keira giggled, “and of course music and dancing. Now that is something I don’t mind you being apart of. In fact I encourage it greatly.”

Keira cuddled the stuffed animal closer to herself. She smiled hearing those words, because she had already decided that would be her major. “These are my four best friends; Chris, Joey, Lance and JC.” They were seated near him, “Steve, Joey’s brother, is the one behind the camera, just in case you were wondering. But this is our home away from home.”

She closed her eyes for a second, relishing in the moment and loving the sound of his voice. Keira opened her eyes, when she heard the opening chords to a familiar song, ‘This I Promise You.’ Her parents played it a lot. He was singing it on a stage, in front of thousands with his four friends.

She watched the rest of the tape, glad to have some background information on him. Standing up, Keira took the other tape out, and put the next one in. Keira lay back down on the couch, and settled down to watch the next tape.

Her mother appeared on the screen. “Hey Keira,” She smiled, “I wish that I could be with you right now.”

“Don’t be such a sap!” Someone yelled in the background.

Jada laughed, “Justin tell Chris to knock it off.” The camera was set down, and he walked over to her. Justin kissed her forehead. Jada winked at the camera when he walked away. “I am spoiled to death by him.” Keira laughed. She could her playful yelling and fighting in the background.

Justin appeared back on the screen, as he walked back to pick up the camera. “All right,” Jada continued, “Well I really don’t know what to say, I’m so used to being behind the camera. I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 20 years old, my birthday is May 30, 1983, and I am two years younger then your Dad.

“We met two years ago. I was at an internship, for a magazine that he had a shoot for. I am studying photography at UCLA and when I am not in California, I am usually in Tennessee or Florida, with your Dad, unless he’s out on the road which is most of the time.” Jada paused, “I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, a very dull state if you ask me.”

The tape went on for a while like this. Keira fell asleep towards the end. It had been a really long day, and the next would be even longer.

+ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

“If you get there and something goes wrong, please let us know. Okay?” Her mother said. She straightened Keira’s jacket collar. Keira nodded, “I love you sweetie. Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Keira smiled, “I love you too.” She gave her mother a hug, and then pulled away to say good-bye to her Dad. “I love you too Daddy.” Keira gave him a hug also.

“Do you have your cell phone?” He asked. She nodded, “His address?” Keira nodded again, “Good luck than. Call when you get to Tennessee, okay?”

“Yeah Dad.” Keira smiled. Her flight was called over the PA again. “I better go. Love you guys.”

“We love you too.” Keira’s Mom said with tears in her eyes. Keira gave them each one last hug, and turned to walk onto the plane.

She was the last one to board. Finding her seat Keira, put her carry-on in the overhead compartment, and sat down, in the aisle seat. The man seated next to her looked to busy to care hat she was there, so she buckled her belt, and waited patiently for the plane to maneuver it’s way down the runway and take off for Tennessee.

+ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

A few hours later, Keira still on the plane, sat staring at her phone, and his phone number, that he had left her. Her hands shook as she dialed the number nervously. On the fourth ring someone picked up. “Hello?”

“Hey, may I please speak to Justin Timberlake?” She asked nervously.

“Hold on.” The little girl said, “Daddy! It’s for you.” Keira took in a deep breath listening to the phone shuffle around.

“Hello?” He asked. She recognized his voice right off the bat from the videos and CD’s. “Who is this?”

Keira paused, now or never. “This is Keira Myers.” She stated.

He didn’t speak for a second. She could hear him take in a deep breath, and then continue, “Wow…Keira…whoa…I don’t know what to say…How are you?”

“Good.” She answered starting to relax a little, because he seemed receptive to her call. “I’m coming to Tennessee, and I’d like to meet you…I mean if you aren’t to busy, maybe we could…” Keira trailed off and looked down at the floor. She shuffled her feet nervously.

“I would love too.” Keira could almost hear his smile. “Hold on…Jada and Nathan cut it out…Sorry about that. Your brother and sister are driving me insane.” He said with a laugh, “Now, when are you going to be in town?”

“In a couple of hours. I know it’s short notice and all, but I wasn’t sure about all of this,” Keira said, “I left Seattle 8:30 and should get to Memphis around 2:30.”

“Hmm…” He thought for a moment, “I’ll pick you up. What’s your flight number?”

“You don’t have to pick me up. I can get a taxi or something to your house.” Keira said.

“No you won’t Keira. Now what’s your flight number?” He asked again.

“1375 on Delta.” Keira answered, “How am I going to find you?”

“I’ll be with three kids.” Justin smiled, “What are you wearing?”

“Jeans and a UNT (University of North Texas) t-shirt.” Keira answered, “My hair is extremely curly today.”

“Okay.” Justin said, “I better go before the kids knock each other out. I’ll see you soon.”

“All right, bye.” Keira said and hung up the phone after he did. She breathed in a sigh of relief, after talking to him. He seemed happy to finally meet her after seventeen years. Closing her eyes, she decided to get some sleep for the remainder of the flight. Keira was going to meet her real Dad, for the first time.

+ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

Keira stepped out of the skyway and glanced around. Everyone that was on her same flight had found his or her friends and family, or the direction they needed to go. She felt lost, having not seen Justin looking out the window, with her half-brother and sisters.

He glanced over, and saw her standing there. She looked just like Jada, except for the curly hair part. Justin grinned, “Keira!” He called. She looked over hearing her name.

Taking in a deep breath, Keira walked over to him. “Hi.” Keira said shyly. It was a relief to meet him, even though she had only found out the previous day.

“How was your flight?” He asked and glanced behind him to check on his kids. They were busy looking out the window, and the youngest was trying to get out of her stroller, “Camra!” He walked over and pulled her out of the stroller. “Hey you guys come over and say hi to Keira.” Justin carried the youngest over and the other boy and girl came over at his feet.

“This is Camra, Jada, and Nathan.” He stated, “You guys remember that picture I showed you? This is Keira.”

“Hi.” Nathan said cheerfully. Jada stayed behind her father’s leg, barely looking up at Keira.

“Hi.” Keira smiled down at them. She looked back up at Justin and smiled too.

“Should we go? You must be beat coming in from Seattle.” Justin said he walked over to the stroller and put Camra back in.

“I have another bag.” Keira spoke up.

“We’ll let’s get it then and get you home.” Justin said, “Come on guys. We’re going to get Keira’s stuff and go.” They found baggage claim and picked up her other bag. After doing just that they walked out of the airport and out to his car.

“Does your wife know about me?” Keira asked. She stood with Justin at the back of his SUV while he put her two bags in.

“Yes.” He answered and looked at her. “Don’t worry about you being here, she’s perfectly fine with it. Okay?” Keira nodded, “Good.” He slammed the hatch shut and made sure it was locked. Keira walked around to the passenger seat and got in.

Justin got in also and looked in the backseat to make sure everyone was still buckled in. He buckled his own seat belt and started the car, “You look just like your Mom.” He stated. Keira smiled softly and looked out the window, watching the other cars in the lot. “How long where you planning on staying?”

“I’m not sure yet. I just have to be back home by the middle of August to get my things packed and for some final college prep things.” She answered.

“Where are you going to school?” He asked glancing out the windows before pulling out into traffic.

“University of North Texas.” Keira answered, “I got into the music school there.”

“Is that what you want to major in?” Justin asked.

“Definitely. I’ve been playing piano forever, and I learned bass guitar for jazz band in high school.” Keira answered, “I’ll probably just go into music education with that major.”

“That’s really cool. North Texas, I heard, has a really great music program.” Justin stated.

“It’s one of the best in the states.” Keira said. “How far away do you live?” She glanced over at him shortly and then back out the front window.

“About an hour.” He answered speeding up the car to get onto the highway.

“Okay.” Keira sighed and closed her eyes. Eventually falling asleep for the rest of the ride. Justin looked over at her and smiled. She had grown up beautifully and the Myers had raised her well. Jada would have been proud.

+ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

“Hey Keira,” She heard Justin knock on the door and open it. “We’re going to eat dinner in five minutes.” He stepped inside.

“Okay.” Keira looked up from the phone. “Is it okay if I call my parents?”

“Of course it is. We’ll wait for you.” Justin smiled, “I’m glad you’re here.” Keira nodded and dialed her home number back in Seattle. She waited for one of her parents to pick up. Justin left the room and closed the door behind him.

Keira leaned back against the wall and rubbed the pillow fabric in between her fingers. “Hello?” Her mothers voice rang over the phone.

“Hey.” Keira stated, “Just called to let you know I got here safely.”

“Did you get a hold of your Dad?”

“Yeah. He came and picked me up from the airport.” She said looking down at the plaid comforter, “We are going to eat soon so I can’t talk to too long.”

“What is he like?”

Keira thought for a minute, “Justin’s really nice. I haven’t had much chance to talk to him though. He is married and has three kids; Camra, Jada, and Nathan.”

“Wow.” Her mother sighed. Keira could tell that she was smiling. “I don’t want to hold you up from your dinner, so I will let you go.”

“Okay then.” Keira said, “Tell Dad I got here safely, and I love you guys.”

“We love you too. Call us when you get a chance.”

“I will.” Keira smiled, “Bye.” She hung up the phone, and climbed off the bed. She glanced in the mirror and walked out of the room. Heading downstairs she went in the direction that she remembered the dining room to be.

Keira stepped into the room. “Sorry.” She said and sat down in an empty chair, “I needed to let my parents know that I got in.”

“That’s okay.” Justin’s wife, Cassie, said. “Who wants to say grace?” She looked around the table.

“Me!” Nathan said loudly. Keira smiled at his enthusiasm. He held his hands open, and Jada set her right hand in his, while Justin took her left hand in his right. He held open his left hand for Keira to take. She hesitated for a second, and then put her hand in his.

“Thank you for our food, and thank you for bringing Keira here, ‘cause she’s real pretty. Amen.” Nathan said, causing Jada to giggle and Keira to blush.

Justin squeezed her hand and let go. He helped get Jada’s plate ready for her, while Cassie fixed Nathan’s. Keira quietly fixed her own, and started to eat.

“So what is Seattle like this time of year?” Cassie asked.

“Pretty nice. We get quite a few tourists. I’ll never understand why anyone would want to vacation in Washington.” Keira said, “But I like living up there.”

“That’s good.” She smiled. Other small talk was made the rest of the meal, but it was mostly quiet except for the scraping of knifes and forks across their plates.

+ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

Keira looked at the pictures on the mantle in the formal living room, of her father’s house. There were pictures of each of her half-sisters and brother, and one of Justin and Cassie on their wedding day. They all looked happy, even in the family picture. She smiled softly.

There were three others that really caught her attention, one was her senior picture that shared the same frame as her baby picture, and the other was one of Justin and Jada, her real mother, together.

She heard footsteps coming down the stairs and then walking into the living room. Keira turned around and smiled at the sight of her father. “Those are my favorite.” Justin said walking up behind her. His gaze set on the picture of Jada. “She was a beautiful woman, your mother. Loved you to death. It was hard seeing her go.” He paused, “You seem a lot like her you know.”

“How?” Keira’s voice was just a whisper. Her eyes not retracting from the same picture he was looking at.

“Your smile, the way you present yourself with confidence, the way you look, except for the curly hair, you definitely got that from me.” Justin said. She grinned at the latter. “I am so certain she would have been very proud of you. I know I am.”

“Why didn’t you want to raise me?” She asked and turned to look at him.

He shrugged, “It’s not that I didn’t want to, because I would have. However you deserve to be raised in a family with two parents, not a father who was barely home, always on the road. I don’t regret it, I knew you were safe and being raised the right way, with all the love in the world.

“It’s not because I didn’t or don’t love you, I love you so much sometimes it hurts because I don’t know you very well. I don’t think I would have raised you the way Jada would have wanted. You really are special and I am pleased seeing that your parents have raised you the right way, so that I can be proud of you.

“You know, sometimes I still expect her to walk into the room and yell at me for doing something stupid or trying to make me smile after a hard day in the studio.” He laughed, “She was the greatest and would always make me feel better. Jada helped make this a home for me.”

He looked at the pictures of Keira sitting next to the others, “They sent me one of your school pictures every year. I have them all and one’s from different occasions which are in an album.” He said and glanced over at her, “I sent you Christmas and Birthday presents to. Did you get them?”

Keira nodded, “They were always my favorites even though I didn’t know who you were. It was always what I wanted. Thank you for all of them.”

“Anything for you.” Justin smiled. “You will always be taken care of and there will always be room for you here.”

“Has Cassie always known about me?” Keira asked curiously.

“Always. You and your mother were one of the first things I told her about. She understood and is glad you came to meet me.” He answered, “Cassie is very supportive, and she’s a great mother. Helped me learn to love again. The kids have always known about you too. I’ve always told them they have a big sister who lives far away. They like the idea.”

Keira nodded, “When she told you that she had Leukemia what was going through your mind?”

“That my life was over.” He paused, “I didn’t know how I was going to live without her in it. The thought was unbearable; I did a lot of crying and praying that last year and a half. She was in a lot of pain the last few months of her life. I’m glad she at least felt well enough to go to your first birthday.”

She smiled and turned to sit down in one of the chairs. “When did you know that you loved her?”

“Mm…the moment I laid eyes on her,” Justin sighed at the memory, “She didn’t seem fazed at all to be in the same room as big stars. I could tell that she loved doing what she did. Jada had a great amount of confidence in herself, and it showed. That first day,” He laughed. “She called me an ‘arrogant pop star who thinks he can get away with anything,’ and she really did think that. But I was in one of my moods, where I expected to get what I wanted and have people bow down at my feet. I deserved what she said. Every time I got like that she helped me get out of that funk.

“But I did know that I loved her the moment I saw her standing there, behind that camera giving orders.” He smiled at the memory, “She was never afraid to tell me off, and I respected that about her. Jada was absolutely perfect in my eyes.”

Keira smiled also, “Did you guys ever talk about getting married?”

“We did,” He said, “a lot. In our minds and our hearts we were. Towards the end I had insisted that we at least have a ceremony for our family and friends. I wanted to be her husband for at least a little while. We had a small ceremony in Orlando; it was just our family and close friends. She looked beautiful that day.”

“She looks beautiful in all of the pictures I’ve seen of her.” Keira said.

“Those pictures don’t do her justice, and neither do yours.” He said causing Keira to blush, “You really are.”

“Thank you.” She said shyly.

“And I’d think you would have boys falling at your feet, am I right?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“There was only one that I knew of, and I broke up with him shortly before senior prom.” Keira brought her feet up under her.

Justin nodded and dropped the subject, “Is there anything else you’d like to know?”

She looked at her pajama bottoms, “Where’s Mom buried?”

He paused for a minute. Justin’s heart rate picked up when he heard her call Jada, Mom. “About thirty minutes north of here.” He answered. “If you’d like I can take you tomorrow morning.”

“I would like that.” Keira smiled and yawned, “I am going to go to bed. What time should I get up?”

“Whenever you want. It’s doesn’t matter.” Justin watched her get up. “Good night Keira. Say your prayers.”

Keira smiled, “Good night.” She walked over to the stairs and headed on up to the guestroom.

+ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

Keira followed behind Justin, through the cemetery. “She’s right over here.” Justin took another turn, and stopped in front of a gray headstone. He kneeled down and Keira took a seat next to him. “Baby J, I brought someone here to meet you.” He pulled some stray grass from around the headstone that the lawn service had missed.

“Hey Mom,” She said quietly, “I met Dad and he’s pretty cool.” Keira looked over at Justin. He smiled his eyes nearly filling with tears.

“Keira’s pretty cool too.” Justin said with a laugh, “She’s very beautiful, looks just like you, but she got my god awful curls. It’s amazing really. You were right, Jada, about having the Myers raise her, she’s a wonderful daughter.

“Cassie’s been real supportive about this whole deal as well. As I am sure you know, since I’ve told you about her and that she knows everything.” He paused. Keira let him do the talking, “My kid’s are doing good. I can’t believe Jada’s going to start first grade this year, Nathan’s quickly following her lead, he’ll be four next week, and Camra is so full of energy, I think it’s cause she’s just about two.

“I know you watch over them when I can’t be with them. Thanks for that as always. And I know you’ve been keeping a good eye on Keira as well. You would be really proud of her.” Justin said. He looked over at Keira allowing her to have a chance to talk.

“I don’t really know what to say,” She paused. “I am going to start school at University of North Texas in the fall. I got into the music program there. It’s going to be a big move for me, since I’ve only lived in Seattle, except for the two years down in Orlando, but I don’t remember those years at all.

“Seattle’s nice and my parents are very cool. I’ve always had everything that I ever needed and wanted.” Keira smiled, “I like it here in Tennessee, even though I haven’t even been here for a full day, but it’s really pretty at least what I have seen.

“And Cassie seems cool. It looks like she’s taken good care of Dad.” Keira said softly and looked down at the grass. “But I wish I could have gotten to know you. Even if that meant never knowing my parents in Seattle and all of the family I have.

“Maybe I’m lucky that way, getting to have that much more family.” She smiled, “Anyway, Dad’s been telling me stuff about you, but don’t worry it’s all good. Somehow I don’t think he would be able to say anything bad about you.”

“Never, you were too special.” Justin said.

They stayed there in silence for several minutes; their eyes never left the tombstone. Keira rested her chin in her palm. After awhile her eyes started to water, the tears fell slowly down her cheeks. Justin smiled sadly and moved closer to her, her wrapped an arm around her shoulder and moved her head so it rested on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry Keira.” He whispered. His other hand rested on her cheek, Justin kissed her forehead. “I never meant for this to hurt you.”

“I’m not hurt,” She whispered, “Just overwhelmed at all of this. It’s just a lot to have taken in for only two days.” Keira kept her head just under his chin. She could feel him nod in response. They stayed there like that for ten more minutes.

Justin shifting caused Keira to pull away. He reached over and wiped her cheeks off, “Thank you for coming here to Tennessee to meet me and in some ways your Mom.” He said.

“Your welcome.” She smiled softly.

“Would you like to go home now?” Justin asked.

“Yeah. This is enough for me.” Keira said she stood up, her father following her lead. Pressing her fingers to her lips she kissed them, and softly placed them on the gray stone. “Thanks Mom.”

Justin did the same as Keira, “I love you Jada. We’ll come back soon, maybe next time I can bring the kids and Cassie.” He smiled. “Ready?”

Keira nodded. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug, “Thanks Dad.” Keira whispered in his ear and pulled away. Quietly she turned and walked back to the car. Justin watched her for a second and then turned back to look at the tombstone.

“I’m going to watch over her now Baby J. Will that be enough for you?” He asked softly already knowing the answer in his head. Justin started after Keira who was almost to the car.