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Let's Talk About It

Aliza paced nervously looking around the room. Lance walked in the room making her jump.

“Hey Liz.” He said, crushing his lips against hers in a kiss. However she did not respond. When Lance pulled away, she bit her lower lip, hands shaking in his. “You’re shaking, what’s the matter?”

The sincerity in his eyes was killing her, she looked away, but his hand turned her face so she could look at him.

“Tell me Aliza. “He pleaded, “I’m here you can talk to me. Liz could tell the silence was killing him. She felt like crying.

“Come on baby.” He said,. “Whatever it is, it’ll be okay.” Aliza wrapped her arms around him tightly, and he did the same. She started to cry, “Shh . . .” he soothed, rubbing her back, “Come on, sit down.” Lance had her sit down on the bed, and he went into the bathroom to get a tissue.

Liz sighed as Lance came back in the room, and handed her the tissue.

“Jay," She said, using his nickname she gave him, “We have to talk, about something we haven’t talked much about.”

Lance’s face brightened at the aspect of her talking, but fell again in worry, “Is it bad?” He practically begged with his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her, “Please tell me. I won’t be mad.”

“I’m pregnant.” She blurted our nervously, “There I said it.” Liz got up to leave, she had the door to the hotel room open, Lance came over, and pushed the door shut.

“You were nervous about that?” Lance asked puzzled. He picked her up in a hug and spun her around, “I’ve always wanted a family!”

Liz had to smile at his enthusiasm, but hen she frowned, “But it’s not what I want.”

“You don’t want a family?” Lance asked a little hurt. He took a step back from her.

“I’m sorry Jay. It’s not that I don’t want a family, just not now.” She said, “I’m only 21.” Lance ran his hand over her cheek, and kissed her lips softly.

“Nows as good a time as any. Why not?” Lance asked. He led her back to the bed, and she sat down. Lance kneeled down in front of her, “Why?” He asked.

“I’m not ready to be a mom, and Jay, you your job doesn’t allow time for a baby.” Liz looked down at him, and his eyes expressed pain, she quickly looked away.

“Then what do you want to do about it?” Lance asked. Liz could here in his voice how much it pained him to ask that.

“Adoption . . . I couldn’t handle knowing that I had a kid out in the world." Liz said, she put her head in her hands and sighed, “Abortion, not only is it against my religion, but that’s just plain wrong.”

Lance put both of his hands on her face, and got up enough so that he could rest his forehead against hers, “I know.” Lance said, “Plus I wouldn’t let you do that to my baby.” He sat in the chair across from the bed, “You’ll make a great Mom.”

“What do you want?” Liz asked looking over at him.

“I want you,“ Lance got up and approached her, “Right now.” He pushed her down so that she was laying on the bed, and straddled her.

Liz pushed him off, “I’m serious.” She said, and sat back up, crossing her arms over her chest. Lance stood across from her.

“I know.” He said putting his hands up in surrender, and then putting them back down, “Seriously though . . . I do want this baby to have everything he or she needs and wants.”

“But Lance, I just . . . I don’t know.” Liz said, she looked into his eyes. He was analyzing her actions.

“Are you scared?” He asked.

“I guess.” She said.

“Liz, everything’s going to be all right. I’m here for you, and am not going anywhere.” Lance said. He sat back down, and took his hands in hers, “This baby is a miracle, OUR miracle.”

“I guess.” Liz said.

“Stop guessing.” Lance said, “Think here, not here.” He pointed to her heart, and then to her head, “You’ll see. Don’t doubt because I know you already love this baby.” Lance kissed her forehead.

Liz smiled, just thinking about everything he had said. She looked down at her wedding ring, remembering the commitment that made to each other a little over a year ago.

“Aliza, you will be the BEST Mom.” Lance paused, “I am here for you, nothing will change that.” He slipped

Liz’s ring off of her finger, “Nothing.” Lance showed her the engraving which read ‘Forever . . . every journey-‘ Lance took off his ring and showed her the rest of the engraving, ‘as one’.

“This baby is apart of us, our journey. Baby just believe me.” Lance said. He got down on his knees in front of her, and kissed her stomach, “I love you baby, and nothing’s going to change that.” Lance looked up at her, “Same goes for you too.”

Liz wrapped her arms around Lance, and rested her head atop of his. Lance wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her so that she was sitting in front of him on the floor.

“Are you ready to be a Mommy now?” He asked looking at her, “Because I’m ready to be a Daddy.”

“We still have 8½ months.” Liz stated.

“So is that a yes?” Lance asked smiling.

“Yes.” Liz said. Lance and Liz stood up, Liz gave him a hug, and the two kissed.

Lance pulled away, “Wow.” He said a little shocked, “We’re having a baby!”