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His fingers ran over her lips, and across her soft baby skin cheeks. This moment was one he'd been wanting since he left. They hadn't had their fist kiss yet, and they'd been dating for over a month. Now the feelings were intense.

The fingers moved down her cheek and neck. It was all too much. She sighed contentedly. His touch was all too wonderful. She'd imagined it would be this way.

Again his fingers brushed over her lips and she kissed them lightly. Her body pressed against his firmly. His other arm wrapped around her waist.

JC groaned slightly feeling the pressure of her body against his. Her hand grabbed the back of his neck.

She pulled his head down so it was only inches away from her face. Her fingers played with the hairs on the back of his neck, which had grown out a little longer then normal.

"So are you going to kiss me or not?" Alana asked. JC could feel her hot breath on his face.

To answer her question he leaned in a little closer. Their lips meeting, and a bolt of energy shot through each of their bodies at that little touch. Both of his hands made it around her body, pulling her closer to himself.

He pulled away from her mouth. "Does that answer your question?" JC asked. A grin forming on his face.

"Most definitely." She said. Her arms still wrapped around him. She stood up a bit more, and braced his lips in hers. His hands moving up and down her back. Alana allowed her hands to drop to her sides. Letting JC take over.

She pulled away slightly to take in some air, and licked her lips. JC's lips lightly touched every part of her face. He was taking in the feel of her skin, and she his lips.

JC stopped and looked at her. "You're beautiful." He said. His heart pounding from the lack of air. Alana blushed, and he leaned down to kiss her one last time.

Alana smiled, and hugged her arms to her chest. JC put his warm hands on her arms. He smiled, squeezed her arms, and let go.