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She ran down the street, face streaked with tears. The fighting was becoming too much. Maura was eighteen, and not sure why she was still living at home. Her parents were always at each otherís throats over stupid things, mostly money.

Maura turned the corner, and walked into a local church. She sat down in the pews, time for reflection. This place was her haven, with its big stained glass window and high ceilings.

Tears rushed to her eyes, and down her cheeks. Maura needed to think of something, and quick before she went crazy, living with her parents. She silently prayed for help.

Someone walked into the sanctuary, but Maura didnít move. The personís footsteps echoed around the empty church, and he sat down a few pews in front of her.

She watched him for several minutes. He was praying. Maura asked God to answer whatever his prayers were. She always found that it helped others, to know God was with them.

He turned around feeling her eyes on the back of his neck. Maura looked down quickly, and wiped her eyes. She heard him stand up, and approach her. He cleared his throat, Maura looked up.

The guy sat down next to her, and took her hand in his. It was warm and the strength felt nice. She didnít know who he was, but Maura liked that feeling. His thumb rubbed the back of her hand in attempt to relax her.

Never once did he look at her, but he kept his eyes glued to the front of the sanctuary, at the crucifix. Nor did her eyes leave that place either. Maura squeezed his hand ever so softly, when she felt the tears coming again. Her other hand reached up to wipe the tears away.

His thumb continued to rub the back of her hand. They both needed each other, and God knew that. She needed his strength, and he needed her sympathy. His eyes trailed over Mauraís face, and rested on her sad blue eyes. Releasing her hand, he wrapped that arm around her shoulder, and pulled her shivering body closer to his warmth. She relaxed.

They had both found a haven within each other, in just a few minutes. That would certainly last a lifetime.