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The Road To Somewhere

May 2010

Elise laughed as she watched her daughters lick the brownie mix off of the spatula and out of the mixing bowl. "What do you think you two are doing?" She asked combing her fingers through Leah's dark brown hair.

"Eating." The seven-year old answered with a grin.

"Want some Mommy?" Abby offered holding up the mixing bowl.

"I think I'll wait until the brownies are done." Elise smiled. She sat down at the kitchen table and watched the two girls giggle and get chocolate all over themselves.

"Where's Daddy?" Leah asked looking over at her mother as she climbed off of the kitchen stool with the spoon still in her hand. Elise smiled and picked her up so she was sitting in her lap. The third blessing in their lives was going to be there any minute.

Elise had wanted to be with Chris when he went to pick the baby up from the hospital, but they couldn't find someone to watch the girls at the last minute. So she had volunteered to stay at home with them.

"He is picking up Isaiah," Elise started to explain, "Remember how we told you that you girls are going to have a little brother?"

"Yes," Leah nodded. Abby nodded to. She still sat on the kitchen stool with her fingers in the mixing bowl.

"Let's clean you up before Daddy and Isaiah come home," Elise patted Leah's butt so that she would get down. Elise stood up and picked Abby off of the stool. She set Abby on the counter by the sink and turned the water on for her. Elise then leaned over and picked up Leah so she could wash her hands too. The little girls washed their hands and Elise picked up a wet rag. She used it to wipe off Abby's face.

"Go ahead and go watch TV," Elise set Leah down on the floor when she was done and handed her a towel. Abby was set down on the floor too. "I am going to clean this stuff up." The two girls ran out of the kitchen and into the family room. Elise heard the TV turn on to the Disney channel as she picked up the two mixing bowls and rinsed them out.

The buzzer on the oven went off and Elise grabbed the pan of brownies out. She set it on the stovetop and finished cleaning up the kitchen.

"Girls do you want a brownie?" Elise walked over to the doorway and smiled at the girls who were watching TV.

"Yes," Leah answered.

"Yeah," Abby answered. Elise went back into the kitchen and cut the brownies. She put one on a plate for each of them and grabbed napkins off of the table. After giving the girls' their plates, she went back and got them each a glass of milk before sitting down next to them herself.

"Hey girls," Chris smiled. Elise looked up and then looked over at the clock it had been almost thirty minutes since they had sat down. He stood in the doorway holding the baby carrier in his left hand.

"Daddy!" Abby screamed. She jumped off of the couch and ran over to where he was standing. Chris laughed as she wrapped her arms around his legs.

"Baby, keep it down." Chris laughed, "Hey Leah." Leah smiled as she moved down the couch to sit next to Elise. "Let's sit down Abby," She was looking at the boy who was sound asleep in his carrier.

Abby started towards the couch as did Chris. Chris set the carrier down on the coffee table and pulled the table closer to the couch. He sat down next to Leah and Elise and pulled Abby onto his lap.

"Girls, this is Isaiah Chase," He said. Isaiah stirred and opened his eyes quickly. Elise reached down and brushed her fingers over his chubby cheek and smiled. Isaiah looked up at her before reaching to take her fingers. Chris watched the three girls look at the new baby and smiled.

Elise looked over at Chris.

"I love you," She said.

"I love you too," Chris smiled. He leaned over Leah and kissed Elise. Chris brushed some hair off of her face and grinned. "This is perfect." Elise nodded in agreement and reached down to pick Isaiah up out of his carrier.