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The Road To Somewhere
Chapter 1

Elise laughed as she watched her daughters lick the brownie mix off of the spatula and out of the mixing bowl. "What do you think you two are doing?" She asked combing her fingers through Leah's dark brown hair.

"Eating." The seven-year old answered with a grin.

"Want some Mommy?" Abby offered holding up the mixing bowl.

"I think I'll wait until the brownies are done." Elise smiled. She sat down at the kitchen table and watched the two girls giggle and get chocolate all over themselves. It had been a long road to get to this point.

"Where's Daddy?" Leah asked looking over at her mother as she climbed off of the kitchen stool with the spoon still in her hand. Elise smiled and picked her up so she was sitting in her lap. The third blessing in their lives was going to be there any minute.


August 2000

Elise walked into the office building and headed towards the reception desk. She rested her sunglasses on her head.

"Can you tell me what floor the FumanSkeeto offices are on?" Elise asked the security guard behind the counter.

"They are on the fifth floor right when you get off of the elevator." He smiled.

"Thanks." Elise said and walked to the elevator. She waited for it to come down and then stepped on after the doors opened. After straitening the bag on her shoulder, Elise leaned against the wall as the elevator started to move.

Two minutes later the doors opened and she stepped off. Elise pulled the glass door open and stepped inside.

"Ms. Daniels?" The receptionist looked up with a smile on her face.

"Yes." Elise glanced over and walked in the direction of the desk.

"Chris is waiting for you in his office. Let me show you back." She stood up. Elise followed her down the short hall and waited as the receptionist knocked on the door and waiting for Chris to call them in.

"Come in." They heard. The receptionist opened the door and stepped into the large office.

"Ms. Daniels is here for her interview." She showed Elise in the room and then closed the door behind her.

"Hello." Chris stood up and walked around his desk. He stuck his hand out for her to shake. "How are you Ms. Daniels?"

"I'm fine. Please call me Elise." Elise smiled and sat down in the chair that he directed her to.

"Then you can call me Chris." He grinned. She reached into the bag she was carrying and pulled out her portfolio. Elise set it on the edge of the desk. "What makes you the right choice for this position at FumanSkeeto?"

Elise sat on the edge of her chair and spoke up. Chris listened intently while flipping through her portfolio. He asked the standard interview questions and she answered. The interview went quickly.

"We will let you know our decision within a week's time. I have other things that require me being out of town but I will be the one to notify you." Chris stated.

"That's understandable. Thank you for your time." Elise said and put her portfolio back into her bag. As she was standing up, Chris stopped her.

"I know this is probably way out of line, but would you like to go out to dinner tonight?" He asked and stood up as well.

She thought about it for a minute, "As long as it doesn't interfere with the possibility of my getting this job." Elise smiled, "I'd love too."

"Great." Chris smiled. "How about we meet outside of Hard Rock Café around seven?"

"That sounds great." Elise walked to the door with Chris right behind her. He opened his office door for her and then walked her down the hall and out to the elevator. "See you later."

"Bye." Chris smiled and hit the down button for her. Elise watched him walk back into the reception area and down the hall to his. She smiled to herself as the elevator doors opened and she stepped inside.


Elise walked into her apartment later that afternoon. She hit the button on her answering machine and walked into the kitchen where she grabbed a bottle of water.

"Elise … this is your mother. What have you been doing lately? It's been awhile since we last heard from you. Call me back as soon as you get this." Elise sighed hearing her mother over the answering machine. She reached down and pulled off her heels and tossed them into the living area. There were a few hang ups and sales calls and then her best friend's voice filled the air.

"Hey girlie. I figured we should get together and celebrate tonight. I know you got that job and since Jon has to work late, I need to get out of this place." Kacie's voice rang over the phone, "Call me back."

Elise glance at the clock on the VCR and decided that she still had a few hours before she needed to get ready for her dinner. She picked up her cordless phone and sat down on the couch. She quickly dialed Kacie's home number even though she knew she wouldn't be off of work yet. Kacie's answering machine picked up.

"Hey K. I have a date for tonight so we can't go out. You will never believe who I'm going out with tonight. I have to meet him at seven. Anyway I will call you when I get home tonight if it isn't too late." She said quickly and then hung up. Elise decided she should call her mother before she started to panic.

"Hello." Elise's mother said over the phone.

"Hey Mom." Elise said.

"Well it's about time you called back." She said.

"I had an interview today and had to get some work done for the store." Elise explained, "How are you doing?"

"We are doing just fine. You know we miss you and wish that you would move back home." Her Mom started. Elise leaned against the arm of the couch and rested her forehead in the palm of her hand.

"I know I just … it was really hard for me … all that happened … you know." She said quietly.

"Michael's parents called and they have some things of his that they were hoping you'd like to have. I will ship them down for you next week." Elise wiped her eyes when they started to tear. She nodded even though her mother couldn't see her. "I know this is hard for you. I just wish you hadn't run off to Florida."

"You know we were going to move down here anyway. I already had this job lined up and I didn't want to back out of it." She started.

"And you are looking for a new job now. Why is that?"

"Mom …" Elise sighed and didn't know where to start. "I just … please don't worry about me."

"I will try not to." Her Mom said shortly. "Now how are you doing anyway?"


Elise pulled into a parking space across the street from the restaurant she was meeting Chris at. She shut the car off and then stepped out of it. Elise straitened the skirt she was wearing and grabbed her purse before slinging it over her shoulder. She tossed her car keys inside the small bag and locked the car doors. She looked for cars before walking across the street. Chris was standing at the bottom of the steps. He smiled when he recognized her. Elise smiled too.

"Evening." Chris grinned.

"Hi." Elise blushed. She followed him up the steps and into the restaurant. They were led to a table right away at the back of the building. Chris pulled her chair out for her and Elise sat.

"You look nice." He stated. Chris opened his menu and started to look it over.

"My name is Ali and I will be your server for tonight. What can I get you to drink?" Their waitress asked with a smile. She wasn't much younger then Elise.

"I'll just have water." Elise answered.

"Tea." Chris answered.

"Would you like to start of with an appetizer?" Ali asked.

"Would you like something to start off with?" Chris asked.

"Actually …" Elise looked at the menu, "Mozzarella sticks sound good. If you don't mind?" She asked Chris.

"That's cool. We'll have an order of those then." Chris smiled.

"I'll have that right out." Their waitress left them to look at over their menus. She returned a few minutes later with their drinks and took their orders. Elise sat back in her chair quietly. Chris was the first one to start talking. Elise responded to everything he asked.

"So where are you from? It sounds like you are from up north." Chris asked when they had finished their meals. He leaned back in his chair.

"Wisconsin." She answered. He nodded in response. "Born and raised."

"So what made you come to Florida?" He asked curiously. Chris reached for his drink and took a sip.

"Well." She fidgeted for a minute, "That's a rather long story … there were things that happened." Elise paused before deciding that she couldn't answer that just yet. "Would you mind if we talk about something else?"

"Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." Chris smiled. "I really do think you would be a great asset to FumanSkeeto."

"Really?" She asked surprised.

"Yeah," He nodded. "How much time would you need before you can start?"

"Don't you need to talk it over with other people?" Elise asked curiously.

"Of course not. I am the head guy after all." He grinned. "So what do you say?"

"I'd love too." She thought about it, "How about three weeks? That will give me time to give my boss notice and some time off before I start."

"Sounds cool." He answered. "I will be back in town on the 31st. So you can come in then. Dani and everyone else should be around then as well."