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Twelve Days of Christmas
Eleven Pipers Piping

Marie opened the door and stepped outside, ready to go run. A padded envelope rested under her foot. Looking down, Marie picked it up. After opening it, she pulled out a videotape. 'A Day In the Life of Josh,' the label along the side read. Marie laughed.

Deciding to give up on her run for the day she turned around and walked back inside. She put the tape in, and sat down on the couch.

Justin appeared on the screen, "Marie … what's up? Anyway this is JC's room. Exciting right?" He grinned and opened the hotel room door. "This is JC sleeping," he winked, "not like you haven't seen this before."

JC was sleeping soundly on the bed. Justin jumped onto it, and started bouncing up and down. "Time to wake up JC!"

He groaned and put the pillow over his head. Justin got down next to him, and picked the pillow up. "Say good morning to Marie."

"Morning Ree," JC mumbled, "Love you baby…now get out you freak." He pushed Justin off the bed and sat up, his hair going in all directions. Marie laughed at the sight.

Justin walked toward the camera, "See you later Ree…" Justin teased JC by using his nickname for Marie.

JC looked at the camera, "He's not normally this annoying in the mornings." He stated and scratched his chest, while getting out of bed. JC walked over to his suitcase, "Now if you'll excuse me. I'd like to shower without a camera in my face." He blew a kiss at the tape recorder and the scenes switched.

"Hey is that Marie?" Chris asked looking at the camera, "Lookin' good babe!" She laughed at this. The boys were now on their bus heading to wherever.

JC walked in front of the camera, "Ignore him, but I'm sure you look very sexy." He sat down on the couch by one of the bus windows. JC pulled out his cell phone, dialed a number, and brought the phone up to his ear. "I'm calling you…"

The scene changed shortly after to something else, and continued on like that for the next twenty minutes.

At the end of the video they had put a piece of paper in front of the screen. It read, "This program brought to you today by the letters "O" and "E." The next sheet said, "An *NSync production :)." There was a shot of all five of them and then the screen went black. Marie looked inside the envelope and found index cards with those letters. She went to put them up.

"Will you marry me"