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Twelve Days of Christmas
Ten Ladies Dancing

Marie walked into the leasing office to get her mail. She unlocked the mailbox, and pulled out the stack of mail. A postcard in the stack read 'Check the front desk for delivery.'

Marie wandered over to the desk, "Hi," She smiled at the receptionist. "I was wondering if there's a package here for a Marie Ray?"

"There sure is." She handed her a stuffed dog.

Marie laughed, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Marie hugged the stuffed animal to her chest, and walked out of the office back to her apartment. Upon returning to her apartment, Marie sat down on her couch and studied the dog.

It was brown, and in one hand holding a candy bow. Marie opened the box, inside were four mini Snickers bars, and a note folded up. One side had the letter "Y" and on the other was a note.


Cure stuffed animal right? It gets even cuter squeeze the left foot. I hope you like it. Two more days.

God bless,

She set the noted down, and squeezed the animals left foot. 'I miss and love you,' it said. The animals "voice" was actually JC's. Marie grinned and set the animal down on the couch. She reached over and picked up the phone.

"Will yu marry m"