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Twelve Days of Christmas
Nine Lord's A Leaping

Marie rolled over and looked at the clock. 9:30. The latest she'd slept in a few months. Reluctantly getting out of bed, Marie got ready for a day of cleaning and putting up some Christmas decorations.

She turned the stereo on, and went into the closet of her extra bedroom. Marie pulled out the bow of decorations and the three-foot tree and carried them one at a time into the living room. There was a knock on the apartment door.

Marie sighed and got up to answer it. A courier was at the door. He was holding a big vase of flowers. Marie laughed. "Delivery for a Marie Ray." He said.

"I see that." She smiled, "Well I guess you can set them on the table." Marie opened the door wider for him to put them on the dining room table.

He did so, "If you will sign here." He handed her a clipboard, and she signed for the flowers. "Have a nice day Ms. Ray."

"You too sir." Marie showed him out the door. She turned around, "You are too much Josh." Marie sighed to herself and found the card among the mass of flowers. Opening it up, the letter for that day was another "R."


I hope the flowers aren't getting old yet! I'd love to see them all. Laughs. Did you have a nice quiet evening as planned? I hope you did. Three days left, till I get to see you. I miss you a lot Marie.


She put he card down, and walked into her room, putting the letter up with the others.

"Will yu marr m"