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Twelve Days of Christmas
Seven Swans A Swimming

Marie laughed following her friend into the teacher's lounge. "So what are your plans for Christmas?" It was their off period and they were going to head out somewhere to get a quick lunch.

"Laying around the house with Gabe. His parents are coming in for the day." Sierra answered, "You?"

"Josh is coming home." Marie smiled, "And he's up to something."

"What?" Sierra asked picking up her jacket.

"Not sure. But I've been getting note cards and lots of flowers the past six days." Marie smiled thinking of the sweet gestures he'd been sending her for the past week. She picked up her mail from the boxes and the two of them walked out to her car.

Marie peeked in the window and smiled seeing some Poinsettias resting on the drivers seat, "Like this for instance." She unlocked the doors and Sierra got in the passenger seat. Marie picked up the flowers and found the card inside the bunch.

"Very nice." Sierra mentioned. Marie climbed in and pulled the card open. "What's it say?"

"A." Marie answered, "And…"


I hope you have great day! We'll be together again in 5 days. I love you.

God bless,

"Where is he now?" Sierra asked.

"Pennsylvania I think." Marie smiled, and placed the flowers in the back seat, "I can never remember." She laughed and started the car.

"Will yu ma m"