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Twelve Days of Christmas
Six Geese A Laying

Marie sat down at her classroom desk. The students were taking their semester final during this class. She picked up her book, and flipped to where she had left off.

Two cards and a pressed flower fell out. The blue index card read "M", and she set the pressed flower next to the picture of JC. She opened the card.


I hope you're having a good day. I am thinking about you. The rest of the flowers will be at your place along with another surprise. Six days left.

God bless,

She put the card up next to the other one and leaned back in her chair. Marie picked up the book again, and continued to read.


That night, when Marie got home, she walked down the hall and into her room. She smiled hearing soft music playing on the stereo, and a trail of flowers leading into her bathroom.

She picked up the cordless phone that was resting on the counter, and dialed JC's number.

"Josh…" She said shyly into the phone when he picked up.

"Ree…" He said, "You like your surprise?"

"You bet." Marie said starting the water in the tub, "You're going to join me right?"

"I'll certainly try." JC said.

"Will yu m m"