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Twelve Days of Christmas
Five Gold Rings

Marie balanced the stack of papers in her left arm, along with her bag, as she unlocked her classroom door. It was 8:30 in the morning and she was expecting some students to come in to take their tests. She set her stuff down on top of the filing cabinet next to her desk, switched her computer on, and sat down.

In front her sat a vase with more flowers. She laughed, and opened the little card that was with them. After reading it she pinned it to the cork board behind her desk, and moved the flowers to a more convenient spot.

"I'm here to take my test Ms. Ray." Hearing the voice Marie looked up and smiled at him.

"Go ahead, and sit down. I need to get it out, it'll take just a minute." She said. Her student sat down in his desk, and waited for her to bring him his test. Marie opened the bottem drawer of her desk, pulled out a folder, then the test, and a scantron. She stood up and set it on his desk, "Did you bring a pencil?"

"No. Can I borrow one?" He asked.

"Yes." Marie smiled, and pulled opened the top drawer to her desk, and laughed seeing a new blue index card, with the letter "U" on it along with it there was a picture of JC. She picked it up along with a pencil, and set the pencil on the boy's desk. Marie stuck the index card in her purse, and leaned the picture of JC up against the computer sitting on her desk.

"Will yu m"