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Twelve Days of Christmas
Four Calling Birds

Marie's phone had been ringing off the hook all day long, and she was getting tired of it. Pulling out the cord she hoped no one important tried to get a hold of her. Preparing the finals for an English II class was not an easy thing, and she needed her quiet time.

Deciding that it would be a good time to go and check her mail box she got up from her desk, and headed out the front door of her apartment. The boxes were at the Leasing Office, so she went that way.

"After noon." One of the administrative people said when Marie walked into the building.

"Hi." She smiled, and checked her box. Flipping through the miscellaneous envelopes, most of which were bills, she pulled out one with no return address. Already she knew it was from JC.

"Are you Marie Ray?" The very same lady, who had greeted her, asked.

"Yes," Marie answered turning around.
"These came for you also." She said, "You are very lucky."

Marie blushed, "Thank-you." She took the flowers from her, which this time consisted of the same flowers as the other 3 days, and now four pink tulips. "I know I am. You have a great day." Marie said and headed outside. She opened the envelope that was from JC and read it, smiling.


Hello again. Is this getting old yet? We have 8 days left. I'll call you later.

God bless,

She looked at the two index cards one with the letter "Y" and the other with the letter "M." Walking back up the steps to her apartment, she went inside to finish making the final for her English classes.

"Will y m?"