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Twelve Days of Christmas
Two Turtle Doves

"All right you guys settle down." Marie said standing up from her desk at the front of the classroom. She put her glasses on, "Get out your lit books and open them to page 384, "The Happy Man's Shirt"."

The phone rang, which was sitting on her desk. She reached over and picked it up, "Ms. Ray's...hey. I'm in the middle of class now Josh, can I call you tonight?...Love you too. Bye." After hanging up the phone she sat on the edge of her desk, "Hey Michael sit down. You've just volunteered to be our first reader." Marie smiled and waited for him to return to his seat. "Read two paragraphs and pass it on."

"Do I have to Ms?" He asked.

"Yes," Marie said, "now start." Michael began reading unenthusiastically. Luckily someone knocked on the classroom door to save her sanity, "Keep reading Michael." Marie opened the door, "Yes?"

"These are yours." The office aide said handing her a purple lily like the one she got the other day, 2 white daisies, and an envelope.

"Thanks." Marie smiled and closed the door. She set the flowers on her desk and opened the envelope. She looked up realizing that no one was reading anymore, and they were all watching her; Marie asked, "Why'd you stop?"

"Who are those from?" Macy, one of her students, asked curiously.

"My boyfriend Josh. You guys need to keep reading. Macy why don't you start where Michael left off." She waited to hear her read and opened the envelope. Inside was another blue index card, which read "L." She unfolded the piece of paper and read the note:


How's work going? Hope they aren't giving you to hard of a time. Hold onto the index cards. I love you. Keep me in your prayers, only 10 more days. God Bless.

All my love,

Marie smiled, put the card and paper back into the envelope, and set the flowers on top of her computer monitor. Sitting down on the edge of her desk again, she set the book in her lap, and found where the students were in the story.