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Twelve Days of Christmas
A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Marie ran up the steps to her apartment, her breath short after finishing her morning jog. A purple lily and a white envelope lay on her doormat. Bending over Marie picked it up and opened her front door.

She recognized the handwriting on the front to be JCs, and it read, Marie. She sat down on the couch, set the lily on the coffee table, and opened the envelope. A piece of paper and two blue index cards fell out of it. On one of the index cards was the letter W, and the other read I. Marie unfolded the piece of paper and read it to herself;


I cannot wait to be home with you for Christmas. Itll be great to be together again. Dont throw out the index cards, youll need them one day. Youre in my prayers. God bless.


She smiled to herself wondering what he was up to. Getting up Marie went into the small kitchen, and got out a vase from the cabinet above her fridge. After filling it with water, she placed the lily in it, and she it on the dining room table.

Marie wandered back into her living room, and turned on her CD player with the volume up. Trekking into her bedroom she went to get ready for the day.