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Growing Up As Chris Kirkpatrick's Daughter
Teenager; Part I

When I was thirteen Daddy threw me a party.

"'Kota Belle happy birthday." Daddy said. He set my gift down on the dining room table. I could tell what it was.

"Yes!" I said. It was a brand new electric guitar.

"Open it up." He urged.

"Okay." The guitar was dark blue. "Thank you." I gave him a hug.

"You're welcome 'Kota. Pick it up there is something else too." I lifted it up and there were five concert tickets and backstage passes for my favorite group, Berlin.

"Ahh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you sooo much!"

The concert was awesome. I still have the guitar. Daddy taught me how to play it. That was always fun when we'd play together.

Daddy grounded me for the first and only time when I was fourteen. It was because I had gone to a party when Mom had already said no.

"Dakota . . . I can't believe I'm mad at you." Daddy said. I sat on the couch and he paced the floor in front of me.

"I'm sorry?" Saying it more as a question did not help.

"You disobeyed your mother. Why? I never thought I'd have to do this, but . . . " He paused.

"But what?" Can we say nervous?

"You're grounded for four days that's it. I want you to know I don't enjoy punishing you, but I want you to learn from it."

Dad had come up to talk to me later that night. He asked me why I had done it, but the punishment still stayed.

My sixteenth birthday was the best. Daddy let me have a party at Planet Hollywood.

"Are you having fun?" Daddy asked. He insisted that we at least dance once together. He picked the song and it was 'Forever' by my favorite band.

"I am having a wonderful time. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. Anything for my 'Kota Belle. I love you so much."

"I love you too Daddy."

On special occasions Daddy always wanted to be there. He never missed a birthday, holiday, or what not. Daddy's the best Dad!

When I got my driver's license, Mom and Dad bought me a car. It was a Dodge Durango.

"Come on 'Kota Belle." Daddy said. He pulled me off of the couch.

"I'm coming." I followed him and my mother outside.

"Wait close you eyes." Daddy said.

"All right." I closed my eyes.

"Now you can open them." I stood there for a second, and Dad handed me the keys.

I wasn't expecting him to buy me a car though. Daddy made me pay for insurance and gas. Even as I got older Daddy spoiled me.