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Growing Up As Chris Kirkpatrick's Daughter
The Early Years; Part II

Shopping trips to the grocery store were always fun. It was Daddy's job to get the food, and he would bring me. I got to ride in the cart, and put the grocery's inside of it.

" 'Kota Belle, put this in the cart." Daddy would hand me something else. I gladly put it in the cart, then a box of animal crackers was spotted on the shelf.

"DADDY!" I yelled.

"Hey not so loud." He laughed, looking down at me. "Now what is it?"

"Animal Crackers!" I said happily, "Can I get them?"

" 'Kota we have dinner soon." He said.

"Please?" I asked, of course being only four, he would give in ALL the time.

"I suppose, but don't tell your mother." Daddy would say. And then of course he would hand me the box.

"Thank-you!" Excited for the treat I ALWAYS got.

Like I said before I had so much control over Daddy I could get anything I wanted! He still spoils me to the day, but I'm not as bad anymore.

When I started school, Daddy was dad! He took me inside, and I of course didn't want him to leave. I held onto his hand and pleaded. Now of course
he had a way to bribe me into things.

"'Kota." Daddy said, "Look at these neat toys." He picked up a box of LEGOS, and set it down on a table. "How about we make a deal?"

"I guess."

"You play with the blocks, and I'm going to right over there and talk to your teacher." Daddy said, "Okay?"

"Okay. I love you."

"I love you too, 'Kota Belle." He kissed my forehead and got up.

I remember him coming back a few hours later, and I DIDN'T want to leave. Daddy has the picture I drew that day, framed, and hung up on his office wall, still.

When I was six I got my second baby brother, Zackary Josh. By this time I had grown out of my 'jealous' stage, and didn't scream. BUT I still wanted
all of the attention. I remember the first week Zack was home. Daddy took me out to eat so we could have time together just the two of us.

"What should we get for desert?" Daddy asked. I sat there and played with the salt and pepper shakers.

"Ice cream!" Excited of course. We didn't have it at home much.

"With hot fudge?" Dad asked.

"And whipped cream." I added.

"Okay. Do you want a cherry too?" He asked.


He always took the time out to do something special with me. I loved EVERY minute of it and still do.

Daddy once took me to a movie premier. I was a very outgoing child, never shy. I LOVED the cameras then. We were outside, right before the movie,
and talking to a reporter.

"So are you ready to see the movie?" The reporter asked me.

"Yes." I said. Always holding onto Daddy's hand. He just stood there and watched happy to have me with him.


"Of course! Can we go in now Daddy?" I looked up at him.

"Yeah. Let's go 'Kota Belle." We said 'bye' to the reporter. Daddy put me up on his shoulders, and we went inside.

I don't remember what movie it was. I just remember being excited that I got to do something with Daddy. He took me to alot of premiers, but that
was the first one.