FictionLyn's Stories

Saga One

Plot Summary: Maitlyn is young, beautiful, and stuck in a dead end job where she is miserable. One phone call from Lou Pearlman changes everything. This story begins before the N SYNC Disney special and will continue through their rise to fame as Maitlyn joins the boys of N SYNC on the road. Friendship and romance are soon to follow.

Plot Summary: The world has a lot to offer Carly Hawkins, but she's stuck in a huge rut with not much hope in sight. Her not-so-exciting summer job becomes life altering the moment Justin Timberlake makes a bet with Lance Bass. That bet will change Carly's life forever...and Justin's life as well. (Friendship, heartache, and love happen along the way.)

Saga Two

**Saga Two has NOTHING to do with Saga One**

Plot Summary: Miranda Hill has faced many challenges in her life being a professional writer in a male dominated field. But nothing could have prepared her for the challenge of working closely with the guys of N SYNC, or for the overwhelming presence of JC Chasez. Will an opportunity of a lifetime lead her down a path of success, happiness, and triumph? Or will secrets and bitterness destroy a possible chance for falling in love?

Plot Summary: Lauren's friendship with Justin Timberlake has spanned almost two decades, and through time it has grown much in the same way they have; moving from a childlike tie into an extraordinary bond as adults. Her wit and blunt attitude keep the young singer grounded while his optimism and carefree spirit allowed her cut loose and live life to its fullest. But can their relationship survive deceit, betrayal and emerging feelings that they cannot shake or do not fully understand? Or will everything important to them crumble under the ruthlessness of the people around them who have agendas of their own?

Plot Summary: Life had always made sense to Tristan. He had lived on his own terms, by his own rules, and had followed his heart to places he never dreamed it could take him. That honesty to self put him in the middle of a web of sickness and hatred; one that still plagues his thoughts and dreams. The dreams that had once comforted him, are now fuel for a hatred that is slowly robbing him of the person he once knew. When a chance meeting between Tristan and heart-driven Rylee Donovan takes place, Tristan will once again have to look inside of himself, to find the answers to the mysterious comfort he feels when he's around her. But will that comfort be enough to heal him? And will the demons that still haunt his life and his heart, and the ambitions and dreams that she holds dear, destroy any chance they have together?