Chapter 1

(Authors Note: This is a three point of view kinda thing but i'll say Pov *name of charictar* Oh and everything the people are saying is *suppose to be being taped ya know how dismissed is rite will this is the same so these people here watever they say is gonna be lik on "t.v" get it? hopefully! Oh and things in between ** are sometimes your thoughts or wat your doing)

*P.O.V GRL*{On camera}"Okay I am a little nerves but this is gonna be great! I mean i have never been on a date with TWO guys in two days. Well actually I am gonna date the first one then if i wanna i am suppose to go out with the other one the next day and see who i like and then and then go out with both of them and see who i lik better so its kinda a three day thang. So its kinda new for me, ya no? I'm suppose to be going to the Mcdonals and then to the beach. I'm thinking this is going to be a great date! I mean being a POP star you really dont get to go on a normal date so i am looking forward to this!" (hint, hint, your a pop star, K!)


*POV GRL* {On camera} *I walked to the door and was about to open the door. I took a deep breath!* "Alright, I dont know who is waiting for me in there but its now or never. So i guess its now." *you opened the door and walked in there was a table in the corner that said "dont dismiss me!" on it so you figured that were you were suppose to be but you couldn't yet tell who it was. He had a cap on and sunglass so you just had to walk over and find out who your blinded dates were* "Hello" *you say trying still to find out who your date was.*

"Hey, I'm AJ!"

*your mouth droped. you were stund, they set you up with AJ!* "AJ???"


(Authors Note: this is part is gonna happen befor you come lik when AJ see you come in kind and alil befor that k!)

*POV AJ*{On camere} "So, who is mah date gonna be? Do ya'll know cuz i gots know clue??" *taking to camera* "well i have to put this sign "dont dismiss me" here cuz they said thats how she'll know here date is rite here so i guess i'll just do that!" *When is this grl gonna show? Hey is that her?*

{Both of yours pov}

(authors note this is when you said *your mouth droped. you were stund, they set you up with AJ!* "AJ???" K )

"Kate???" *AJ jaw also dropped*

"Hold up wat the hell is goin on here!?! Did you tell them to set us up like this?" you said with a additude!

"Damn NO i didnt what the fuck is up with this!" *AJ*

"Okay, fine since i HAVE ta be stuck here with you until 7:00 for the show we might as well make a deal."

"A deal with you yea rite you wish" *AJ*

"The deal is, we dont talk i dont no you and you dont no me there!" *Kate*

"Okay fine!" *AJ*


*the camera man left just then i knew they aint gonna show the show or atleast they better not!*

"hey hold up! Sorry" *AJ*

"Look i dont need your sorry's so save it!" *Kate*

"Just at least hear me out come on! I mean wats gonna happen? Are you afraid i am gonna be rite?" *AJ*


"then what the problem?" *AJ*


"Okay, lets just sit down here" *AJ*

"Listen, I dont got all day! Make it quick alright!"

"Okay look i'm sorry! When we were going out i called one day, well before we broke up, and so guy picked up and said that you cant talk that your bussy doing somthing for him and then i heard him say "ahh that feels so good a little to the left! so i got pissed and ya no what i thought but i wanna no one thing and only one thing WHY???"

"I dont no what your talking bout AJ if your saying i was cheeting on you then you never trusted me and maybe i was rite to forget you and besides you DUMPED ME!!! Look you just never trusted me and if your trying to hide that then i feel pitty on you for being so low and lieing like this to me and it isnt gonna work dont you think that i would hav known if you called.........." *Kate all of a sudden gazed off like if she were in another world!*

"Kate," *AJ said*

*you burst crying!*

"what is it wats wrong?" *aj said then pulled you closer to him and you cryed on his shoulder.*

*you got up and still crying a little* "AJ um... i got ta go ok look i'll call you later sorry!"

"Um...do you lik need a ride?" *aj said worried*

"No, thanks i'm fine." *and u left w/out really not even saying good-bye

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