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david gray online
[this site is 100% unoffical, and i do not have any contact with david gray]

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Debauchery [A Century Ends]

ink friendly copy - notepad fromat [.txt]

Drunken ferry boat woman
swaying on your sea
if I turn on the gasfire
by the rain rattled window
won't you sail over to me


The hail storm tumbles
the rail line rumbles
you move on the porch with me
on an overcast day
the pale winter city
an afternoon's debauchery

Your blouse your skirt
undo them so gently
with beautiful care
I'm a lonely man
with five bottles of wine
I'd like you to share


Orange street light
afternoon becomes night
you drink your wine from a mug
there's cats at the backdoor
the snow it two inches
you roll down your tights on the rug



a century ends lost songs the EP's 92-94 flesh sell, sell, sell white ladder