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Commemorative Bottle Lists

Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles*
75th Anniversary Coca-Cola Bottles List
Miniature Coca-Cola Bottles List
10-ounce Short Bottle List
10-ounce Tall Bottle List
Commemorative "Hobbleskirt" Bottle List 1965-1985
Commemorative "Hobbleskirt" Bottle List 1990-1994
Commemorative "Hobbleskirt" Bottle List 1995-1996
Commemorative "Hobbleskirt" Bottle List 1997-1999
Commemorative "Hobbleskirt" Bottle List 2000-2002 (coming soon)
Centennial, Christmas, Cap Cod and World Cup Bottles
~ Miscellaneous Bottles ~
Hutchinson, Crystal, Root, Throw-Away, Walt Disney, Max Headroom, and...
...6, 6.5, 8, 10, 12, 16, 16.9, and 32oz Miscellaneous Bottles Listed
Non-US Bottles, Countries A to I
Beginning with Argentina and going, in alphabetical order, to Italy
Non-US Bottles, Countries J to Z
Beginning with Japan and going, in alphabetical order, to Zimbabwe
Gold and Silver Bottle List
Bootleg and Prototype Info
.....more to come
Miscellaneous Brands Commemorative Bottles*
Miscellaneous List - Brands A - D
B&G, Big Red, Canada Dry, Cheerwine, Diet Rite, Double Cola and Dr Pepper
Miscellaneous List - Brands G - P
Gem, Harmons, Jolt, Kerr, Miranda, Mohr, Mountain Dew, NSDA, Orange Crush, Pepsi-Cola and Pop Shoppe
Miscellaneous List - Brands R - W
Royal Crown Cola, Red Rock Cola, 7Up, Ski, Sundrop, Sunkist and WCSDA
No-Logo (Unbranded) Bottle List
NSDA Bottle List

Glass Plants ~ Individual Recognition

* I have put these lists online for my own personal use in answering questions, and with a future plan to work on updating the values, etc., from additional sources.. If you find the information in these lists to be useful also, please take in consideration that I make no claims over the prices listed, nor neither can I contribute as to why one bottle is valued higher than another.


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