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I'm Aiken 4 Clay- Are you?

I love Clay Aiken Because... think you know CLAY AIKEN, do you? Answer the following questions and e-mail them to me: penguinseatsnow66{at} 1)What is his full name? This means all of his last names too! 2)What was his audition number? 3)Who are all the girls that he kissed on the show? 4)Who is his Idol? Thank you for playing and have a happy CLAYDAY!

My Clay Links!!!!

The place to go for up-to-par info on Clay
All you Clay haters can send me some hate mail and go here!
The place to see Clay (YAY!) Ruben (Boo) and RYAN (yay x2!)
lots of sites on clay
You know you're obsessed with Clay Aiken when...and other randomness