The Cons

The drawbacks to this new law are:

Many families are killing their new born babies,if they are not males. Hundreds are being drowned, smothered, and abandoned, by the family. The families keep trying to have children, with the hopes that their next will be a boy *

It says that having more than one child is a criminal act, punishable by way of a fine for those who do not fit within the limited exceptions

Prohibits sex determination and sex selective abortion

It creates ample access to family planning services for couples, but nowhere in the law are the rights of adolescents, or single people, to family planning services and information discussed and affirmed

It upholds the one-child policy for married couples, allowing for a second child only if they fall within one of the few exceptions

* One example of this is the story of Mei-ming ,which means "no-name". At the age of two was tied to a chair, soaked in her urine, with dried mucus all over her nose and eyes, dyeing slowly and painfully, with no food or water. No one visited her room, except for once each morning, just to see if she has died yet. Her parents abandoned her, and the orphanage is doing the same thing, abandoning her in the "death-room". The reason they are doing all this, is because she is a girl, and China has a strict Marriage Law and a violating "one-child" policy.

When a boy is born, there is a great celebration with fireworks, but when there is a girl born, there is silence. These infant girls are referred to as "maggots in the rice".

One Child Policy