Through Thick And Through Thin

Chapter Fifteen

"Hello?" Kevin said that afternoon, picking up his cell phone.

"Hey there."

Kevin didn't recognize the voice. "Who's this?"

"Sara from last night."

"Oh...hey," he replied wearily, wondering why he was secretly disappointed to her that it was she. The previous night, he and Sara had talked for an hour or two after he had bought her the drink, and before leaving, they had exchanged phone numbers.

"So you still won't tell me what's got you all depressed, huh?"

Kevin gulped. "'s not important."

"Ah, well, that's not really why I called. I was wondering if you wanted to take me out to dinner tonight?"

Kevin paused for a second. This Sara person was pretty blunt, a lot, not like Linz. "Sure. What time should I pick you up?"

"How thirty?"

"Seven thirty. Okay," Kevin agreed. "Where do you live?"

"I live on Stone Ridge. Do you know where that is?"

"Sure," Kevin said. "What address?"


"All right. I'll see you at seven-thirty."

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." Kevin hung up the cell phone and paused for a moment. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of more than a year yesterday, and he was already going out with someone else? What was he doing? Kevin shook his head quickly. So what? Linz had betrayed him. He didn't care about her any more. And besides, it was just a single dinner date. What harm could come out of that?

* * *

"Mm...Alex," Katie murmured as A.J. pulled his shirt off and climbed on top of her. He pressed his lips up against hers, and she moaned when he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He broke the kiss and started to unbutton her shirt and kiss down her chest. She sighed and ran her hands up his chest as he reached her stomach, frowning when he moved his head away. "G-d, please don't stop that," she begged, cupping his face in her hands.

"Hold on, baby, I..." He trailed off and looked to her with fearful eyes.

She sighed sharply. "You need a smoke?"

He nodded.

"Well then, don't expect anything from me tonight," Katie returned, pushing him off of her.

A.J. looked at her hesitantly, trying to decide between his body's two wants. ", you don't get it. I'm addicted. I've gotta have it!"

Katie smiled slyly and pulled him up to a sitting position. She climbed into his lap and straddled him. "Okay then, A.J., I'll make you a little deal," she purred, walking her fingers up his chest. "For every time that you resist your cravings--when you're a good boy--you'll be amply rewarded." She smirked as she breathed the words into his ear, feeling him get more excited. "But if you give in--if you're a bad boy..." She trailed off and moved off of his lap. "Need I say more?"

"Uh-uh," A.J. said, pulling her back down on the bed with him.

"B-But...A.J., you were bad today," Katie reminded him with some difficulty as he finished pulling off her shirt and pants.

"Please, baby, help distract me from the cigarettes," A.J. pleaded. "Put the rule into effect tomorrow," he added, pulling off what remained of his clothing.

Katie couldn't object as he finished undressing her and pulled her under the sheets with him.

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