Someone Like You


Katie Cartier sighed as she looked down at the tattered picture in her hands. It was all the evidence she had of her old family. That and her last name, which she wasn't even sure about. She smiled as she and the oldest boy were holding each other and laughing. It's been... She paused to think of how much time had passed since she had seen her family. Ten years. Ten years since I've seen them. Because of some damn motorist on the damn highway in the middle of the night. G-d, she hated people sometimes. Because of people, she had lost everything that had once meant something to her, and the worst part was that she didn't even remember it.

It had all begun ten years ago, when Katie was sixteen. She was the oldest of her family. The boy, the next youngest, had probably been ten or eleven, judging from the picture, and there were also four others, one more boy and three more girls. Katie had been at a party, so they had told her. A party where no one knew who she was. Her mother and father and her other siblings were back at home—wherever home was—while she was out of the country, most like on a foreign exchange program, in England. She had been at a party, and she had stayed out later than usual, and she'd been coming home and...bam! A truck had run her off the road. She'd escaped the accident with nothing but severe head injuries...which resulted in complete amnesia. She couldn't remember anything about herself or her past life. All she knew was her name, because there had been a note to someone in her pocket, and she had signed it. And she knew what her family looked like from the photograph that she apparently had always carried around. The note had been signed "Katie Cartier," or that's what it looked like, at least. The last name could've been Carrier, Carter, Carver...she wasn't sure. So she just stuck with Cartier because she liked that the best.

And since then, her life had been hell. Moving to a new place every other month, going from job to job, seeing man after man in a desperate hope to find someone—without success, she might add. No, she had done a lot worse than unsuccessful when it came to men. Far beyond failure. But right now, that was fine with her. If she never saw another man in her life, she would be quite happy.

Well, except for one of those men in the picture. That would be her father or one of her two little brothers. She somehow knew that they wouldn't be like any of the men that she'd dated.

But they were nowhere to be found. Hell, they could be in Zimbabwe for all that she knew. She had no idea where she was. The police had said that her driver's license wasn't on her at the time of the accident, and no one had ever come to claim her, so she had been without anyone. And she hated it that way, which was why she had gone through all of those guys.

Now things were finally starting to get a little better. She had a steady job at a big company in New York, and she could finally afford a fairly nice apartment. She had a few friends now, too...not many. Two, to be exact. She knew them from work. Linz and Sara. Two of the nicest people she had ever met. She found that she could really open up to the two of them, and they could do the same to her. But besides them, and her nice job and adequate apartment, she was miserable. Linz and Sara both had very close relationships with their families, which Katie envied to no end. Sara had taken her home for Thanksgiving once. And Katie had seen the closely knit family and had run out of the room in tears.

Katie sighed, putting the picture back in her wallet. She didn't think that she would ever find her family now. After all, it had been ten whole years. If she hadn't found them by now, she probably would never find them. Oh well...that was just life. Katie frowned, contemplating this. Then life sucks ass, she thought sourly.

She looked at her watch and saw that she had to return to work in a few minutes—she was only on her lunch break. I guess I should just get used to the idea of being alone, she thought as she got into her car.


Chapter One