Someone Like You

Chapter Four

"That really is too bad about Lex," Brian sighed as he and the other guys minus Nick got ready to leave the studio. They hadn't done much without Backstreet's youngest member, just looked over some possible material for their next album.

"Yeah, poor guy," Howie agreed, slipping into his coat.

"Hey, do you guys wanna go out and do something tonight?" A.J. asked eagerly. He was never one to linger on the negative aspects of life. "It's been forever since I've been out dancing."

Kevin glared at him. "A.J., one of our friends has just had his heart broken and needs us to be there for him, and all you can think about is that you want to go dancing?" he said sharply in his big brother voice.

"This is Nick we're talking about," A.J. replied. "He hates to be around other people when he's pissed off, remember?"

Kevin sighed. "I guess..."

"So are we all in?" A.J. asked, rubbing his hands together.

"I can't," Howie replied. "Brooke is here, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Brian recalled. "Hey, D, now you're the only one of us with a girl."

"Whoa, weird," A.J. remarked.

"What's so weird about that?" Howie asked with a pout.

"Nothing, nothing," A.J. reassured him with a laugh. "So, D, you're out, I'll miss you, bro, but..." He turned to Brian and Kevin. "You two are in, right?"

They looked at each other and shrugged. "Why the hell not?" Brian agreed cheerfully.

"Okay...let's meet at my place in half an hour," A.J. suggested.

"Fine with me," Brian replied.

"Great," Kevin agreed.

"All right then...see y'all in half an hour, and we'll let the madness begin!" A.J. exclaimed excitedly.

* * *

"Oh, G-d, I already have a headache," Katie moaned as she, Linz, and Sara walked into the club, where music was blaring. "Now I know why I stopped clubbing at age twenty-one. Same year I started."

Linz laughed. "You'll get used to it. Come on, let's find the men!" she said eagerly.

"Hell yeah," Sara agreed.

Katie couldn't help but laugh. "You two are hopeless," she remarked as she followed them deeper into the busy club.

* * *

"Man, I am just not seeing anyone good tonight," A.J. whined as he sat at the bar with Brian and Kevin.

"Are you kidding? Look at her," Kevin said, pointing to a tall brunette who walked by.

"Okay, so I'm exaggerating, but...I don't know, no one really grabs me," A.J. replied.

"Just keep your eye out, Bone. I'm sure you'll find someone," Kevin encouraged.

"Yeah, you always manage to somehow," Brian added, laughing.

* * *

"Hey guys, I'm kind of thirsty. I'm going to get something to drink," Katie yelled to Sara and Linz over the music after a few minutes of dancing.

"Want me to come with you?" Linz offered loudly.

"No, that's okay, I'll be right back," Katie replied. "Later."

Linz and Sara nodded as Katie started to weave her way through the crowd in search of the bar.

* * *

"Too tall...too thin...too...G-d knows what," A.J. was muttering under his breath as he surveyed every woman that passed him.

"For heaven's sake, A.J., you'll never find anyone if you're that picky," Kevin groaned. He was, quite frankly, getting sick of A.J.'s grumbling and wanted to get out on his own a little.

"Being picky pays off, Kev," A.J. replied, glancing meaningfully in Kevin's direction before going back to his former occupation. "Too short...too blonde..."

"Does he have an off switch or something?" Kevin mumbled to Brian as he took a sip of water.

Brian wasn't listening. His eyes were fixed on something that appeared to be out in the middle of the dance floor. "Holy shit..." he whispered under his breath, his eyes widening slightly.

"What?" A.J. asked eagerly. "What do you see?"

Brian gulped and nodded towards the dance floor.

"Oh damn," A.J. murmured when he saw where his friend was indicating. There were two girls about their age dancing, one brunette and one red-head. Both of them were beautiful.

Kevin saw who they were looking at and half-smiled. The two girls were pretty, but not his type, and probably too young anyway. Besides, Brian and A.J. seemed to be immediately infatuated with them, which he got some amusement out of.

"The brunette is amazing," Brian whispered.

"So's the other one," A.J. added.

"Well, don't just sit there, go talk to them!" Kevin said sensibly with a laugh.

Brian and A.J. exchanged a nervous glance.

"Come on, from the looks of them, if you don't take the chance now, some other guys will," Kevin pointed out.

"All right...c-come on, Rok," A.J. said nervously, standing up and motioning for Brian to do the same.

"'Kay..." Brian agreed, following A.J. out towards the girls.

Kevin just laughed again and took another sip of his drink. At least now he was by himself again.


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