Someone Like You

Chapter Three

"She broke up with me!" Nick exclaimed, feeling a sensation in his chest similar to that of someone jabbing it with a red hot poker. "Lex broke up with me!"

"Whoa, Nick, calm down," Kevin said, pressing down on his shoulder and making him sink into a chair. "Now what happened?"

"We were just talking...and you know how she has that whole commitment issue going on?" Nick asked the other guys. They all nodded. "Well, she must've got over that pretty quickly, since she met some other guy, and they hit it off and got married!"

"Married?!" Brian and Howie both echoed at the same time.

"Yeah, married!" Nick repeated. "I can't believe this! I thought we were in love..." He frowned and swallowed hard, trying to hold back tears.

The other guys exchanged astonished glances as Nick bent his head and rubbed his forehead in misery.

"Well...she just wasn't the right one, Frack," Brian said slowly.

"Gee, you think?" Nick returned sourly.

" should go home, Nick," Howie suggested.

"Yeah," A.J. agreed.

"No, we have stuff to do, I won't get in the way," Nick mumbled.

"Nick, your girlfriend of a year just dumped you," Kevin reminded him. "Go home."

Nick sighed and looked at the guys. "All right," he sighed. "I'll see y'all tomorrow."

"All right. Feel better, man," Kevin said.

The Brian, Howie, and A.J. also wished Nick goodbye. Nick managed to keep a weak smile on his face until he got out of the room and around the corner, where he broke down and cried.

* * *

"Uhm...Linz...I don't think this dress fits right," Katie mumbled as she walked out of the mall fitting room wearing a tiny black dress that gave away a lot.

"Oh, yes it does," Linz replied. "You're getting that dress."

"'s too...I don't know," Katie muttered, looking at her reflection in the mirror. "I feel like it's going to come off any second."

"Well, then you'll be really popular," Linz pointed out with a grin.

Katie glared at her. "This is more something that you would wear, Linz. Why don't you try it on? I like this blue one better," she said, holding up a navy blue dress that had a slightly higher neckline.

"All right, all right, whatever you want," Linz sighed. "I can't wear that, though. It's not leopard!" she complained.

Katie laughed as she went back inside the fitting room and slipped on the other dress. "I swear, Linz, you and your leopard. All right...ready or not, here I come," she said as she opened the door.

Linz smiled when she saw the dress on Katie. It was a bit more modest but still showed off her slim figure. "I take back what I said before, Katie. This is the one you're getting," Linz corrected.

Katie raised an eyebrow as she looked in the mirror. The color of the dress brought out the deep blue in her eyes. She smiled. "Okay...I like this one better. It's still kind of lowó"

"And so is everything in this store," Linz finished.

"No wonder you like this place so much," Katie laughed.

"Hey, I don't deny it," Linz replied with a grin.

"So are you still set on meeting the perfect guy tonight, Linz?" Katie asked as she got back into her regular clothes.

"That or a good fuck."

"Linz, people can hearó"

"I'm just kidding! Seriously though, I don't know what I'm expecting," she commented honestly. Her thoughts were interrupted as her cell phone rang.

Katie stepped out of the fitting room fully dressed and saw Linz grinning as she talked into the phone. A minute or two later, she hung up. "Sara?" Katie assumed.

Linz nodded. "Good news. She's meeting up with us in...[Linz checked her watch.] hour."

Katie grinned. "Great. Listen, I'm starving, can we grab some dinner before our night out?"

"All in good time, Katie," Linz reassured her. "But right now, we have a dilemma."

"And what dilemma would that be?" Katie asked, trying not to laugh.

"We need some shoes to go with these damn dresses!" Linz reminded her. "Come on!" she added, pulling her friend off towards the shoe department of the large store.


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