Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Fifty-Six

Brian and Leighanne were sitting and eating with some of the dancers and crew members up on the patio when she tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hm?" Brian said, looking up at his wife.

She nodded towards the pool. "Look at the two little lovebirds," she whispered.

Brian frowned and scanned the crowd quickly. "Who am I looking for?" he asked.

"Who else? Nick and Kayla," Leighanne said, nodding towards them again.

This time Brian found the two of them standing near the edge of the pool and talking. They were very close together, and he was leaning in towards her a little. Brian could see that she was nervous. She kept tucking strands of blonde hair behind her ear and tensing and relaxing her shoulders. As Brian watched, she said something to Nick, making him start to laugh, and then Nick leaned in even closer and started to whisper something in her ear. As she put a hand to her mouth to contain her giggles, Nick reached forward a little and rested one of his hands on the small of her back. Anyone who just looked at this picture would automatically come to the conclusion that the two were boyfriend and girlfriend. Their stances both had that mix of nervousness and excitement that was always there in a new couple.

Brian could tell that Nick was finishing up whatever he was saying, because he was starting to lean away. As he got in his last few words, Kayla's eyes suddenly widened in playful shock, and Nick pulled away quickly just as she splashed him with some of the pool water. Both of them were laughing as Nick splashed back and the two of them started to get into a fight. Brian couldn't help but smile as the fight ended, and Kayla said something to Nick and pointed to her now soaking wet hair. He just shrugged and stuck his tongue out at her. She narrowed her eyes at him and turned around with her arms folded in mock anger. Chuckling, Nick put his hand on her shoulder and turned her back around, obviously murmuring an apology. As soon as he was done, both of them started laughing again, and this time, Kayla actually wrapped an arm around his shoulders and gave him a little hug.

Brian turned back to Leighanne, an amused smirk on his face. "Is it me, or is it so obvious that they are going to get married someday?" he asked.

Leighanne smiled. "It's not you, Bri," she told him. "Definitely not you."

He shook his head. "It's actually pretty aggravating. You just know they're both completely in love with each other, but they won't do anything about it!" he complained.

"Oh, they will, Bri," Leighanne said. "Just watch. I'd even bet on something happening tonight."

"You think so?" he asked skeptically.

Leighanne nodded. "Look at them! They can't keep their hands off each other," she pointed out.

Brian turned towards them again. Now they were no longer hugging. Instead Nick had his hand on Kayla's arm as he spoke to her in low tones. Brian turned back around and nodded. "That is true. What do you think will happen again? Confession of feelings? More sex?"

Leighanne shrugged. "I'm not sure. A confession would be better for them, but honestly, with the way he's looking at her...I'm inclined to go with the latter."

* * *

A few hours later, Kayla was wedged tightly in between Leah and Nick as they sat on the couch in the living room talking with Brian, Leighanne, A.J., and Amanda. Brian and Leighanne were squeezed in next to Nick, and Amanda was sitting in A.J.'s lap.

"I have to get going soon," Leah whispered in Kayla's ear when Brian was telling a story.

"Oh, you do?" Kayla said, sounding disappointed.

Leah nodded. "I have to work tomorrow morning."

"At what time? It's only five thirty."

"But I have to get up at two A.M., and it takes an hour to get home," Leah said, rolling her eyes.

Brian cleared his throat. "Leah, and Kayla, is there something you would like to share with the rest of us?" he asked haughtily.

They both smiled. "No, Brian, don't worry," Leah said. "I was just saying that I need to get going soon because I have to get up at two tomorrow for work."

"That means I have to go too," Kayla realized dejectedly.

"No you don't, Kay, I can give you a ride back to the hotel," Brian said. "I'm already taking Leigh and Nick."

Kayla and Leah exchanged a glance when they heard Nick's name. "Okay," Kayla agreed. "Just out of curiosity, how much longer are we going to be here?" she asked Amanda.

Amanda shrugged. "I figured that we could get...oh, maybe Chinese food for dinner and then check out my parents' gigantic DVD collection."

"Mm, Chinese food," Kayla remarked, shutting her eyes and smiling.

"I agree with her," Nick said, making her smile even wider.

"That sound good to the rest of you?" Amanda asked.

"Sure," said Leighanne.

"Great," Brian seconded.

Amanda looked to her boyfriend. "J?"

He nodded. "Sounds delicious."

"Okay, I guess I'll start taking orders then," Amanda decided, starting to get up. "The people at their restaurant are going to love us tonight."

A.J. pulled her back down. "Baby, no," he protested. "You're done more than enough already. Let someone else do it."

"Yeah, Lee and I can take care of it," Kayla volunteered, picking up her friend's wrist.

"Actually, I think I'm gonna get going now," Leah said.

Kayla dropped her wrist and smacked herself on the forehead. "Oh, right. I'm stupid! Well..." She looked to her other side. "Nick and I will do it then," she decided, picking up his wrist instead.

Nick groaned. "KaylaŚ"

"Don't even, Nicky," she warned, grinning.

"Don't call me Nicky," he grumbled out of habit.

Kayla laughed. "That gets you every time."

Nick decided not to tell her that now he liked it because "Nicky" was what she had been moaning the whole time they had been...

Leah stood up. "Well, I guess I'll jet now."

"Okay, Lee, I'll go with you to the car," Kayla decided, standing up as well.

"Bye, everyone," Leah said.

"Bye," everyone replied.

"It was nice meeting you," Brian added.

Leah smiled. "You guys too."

Kayla linked her arm through Leah's. "Come on, Lee, let's go out and say bye to everyone else. I know Howie and Kev would just be distraught if we didn't," she said, starting towards the door.


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