Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Thirty-Eight

"Littrell!" someone called from behind the guys, stopping them in their tracks, as they tried to leave the movie premiere a few evenings later.

Brian grinned widely. "Jason! What's up, man?!" he replied excitedly, going to shake hands with his friend.

Nick rolled his eyes and groaned inwardly. This night simply could not end fast enough.

"Hey, Nick!" Jason went on.

Nick gave him a tired smile and shook hands as well. "Hey," he replied.

"Great movie, eh?"

"It was okay," Nick said, trying not to sound too glum.

Jason went on to say hello to the rest of the guys, and Nick took the opportunity to zone out again. On the whole, the night had been pleasant enough. Dinner beforehand had been good, and the movie had been enjoyable. But for him, the evening had been a perfect hell.

At least when Kayla had gone to the AMA's with Kevin, Nick had known deep down that, no matter how much the two of them flirted, it didn't really mean anything because Kevin was married. However, with Derek, that was not the case. Derek was a young, single man with a toned body and great dancing skills—which Kayla found irresistibly sexy. To make things worse, the two of them had ben flirting even more than Kayla and Kevin—no, even more than Kristin and Kevin. Derek had actually put his arm around her during the movie. True, Kayla had giggled and flicked it away, but that wasn't the part that stuck out in Nick's mind.

"Nick," Leighanne whispered loudly.

"Huh?" he said, snapping out of the daze. Leighanne had flown in to meet them earlier that day, and she would be joining them on tour for awhile. She had just wrapped up a movie.

"Are you okay? You're worrying me. You look really out of it," she said with a sympathetic smile.

Nick smiled back at her. Leighanne was one of those people could read your emotions and make you feel better no matter what. "Yeah...I guess I am kind of in another world," he agreed.

"Would it by any chance have to do with her?" Leighanne asked softly, nodding towards someone behind them.

Nick turned around to see whom she was pointing to and immediately turned back around again. Kayla and Derek were approaching them. Her arm was linked through his, and they were laughing. "Yes," Nick said softly. "They're driving me crazy."

Leighanne put her hand on his back. "I wouldn't worry about it."

"But..." Nick began loudly. He caught himself and lowered his voice. "But I think she likes him, Leigh. She never acts like that around me."

"That's because Derek is a flirt, and you're not."

Nick rolled his eyes. "Thanks."

"I mean it. That's what Derek does. He flirts with all women. He flirts with me, Nick, it's not a big deal. It doesn't mean anything," Leighanne told him. She smiled. "But when you talk to people, it means something. That's so much more important."

"But she loves it. Look at her. He makes her blush and giggle, and she lets him put his arm around her," Nick complained.

"She's flirting back. So?"

"So I want to have that with her," Nick replied. "It isn't just a crush, Leigh, I really..." He stopped and sighed, shutting his eyes briefly.

"Nick, it's okay. Everything will work out," Leighanne assured him.

"Oh, that's a good attitude to have. I just won't do anything about it, and everything will be fine," he replied sarcastically, starting to get just a teeny bit resentful of the whole situation.

"Nick..." She quickly stopped herself.

"What?" he said, confused.

"Hellooo, Nickolas!" said a voice from behind him.

He swallowed, recognizing it immediately, and turned around. "Hey, Kayla," he replied.

She hugged him. "How's life?"

"It's fine, I just wanna get out of here," he complained.

"Had enough?" Kayla asked sympathetically.

"Yes," he said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

"What did you think of the movie?"

"It was fine," he said practically through clenched teeth. Concern touched Kayla's face, and she started to speak but was interrupted by Derek.

"Hey, we were wondering if we could get a ride back in the limo with you guys," Derek said. "Since we're going to the same place."

"Sure, no problem," Leighanne agreed smiling.

Derek smiled back. "Thanks, Mrs. Littrell...and you're looking lovely this evening."

"Thanks, Derek," Leighanne replied, giving Nick a look that said, "See what I mean?"

Kayla gave Derek a smirk. "You little player!" she scolded, laughing.

Nick's eyes widened. What did she mean by that?

"Shhh," Derek said exaggeratedly. "It's on the DL."

"What is?" Leighanne asked.

"Nothing," Derek said nervously. "Hey, are we going?"

"I guess," Nick said, seeing the group starting to move.

"You're sure it's okay for us to come with you?" Kayla asked Nick, touching his arm.

Ignoring the sick feeling in his stomach, he smiled amiably at her. "Of course. It's no problem."

* * *

Brian was humming cheerfully to himself as he stepped onto Kayla's bus the next day to get some a letter he had left there a few days before. Ever since his wife had arrived yesterday, he had been in a much better mood. So had everyone else, actually. Leighanne seemed to have that effect on people. Although, Brian had to admit, the whole Nick/Kayla thing was still annoying him to no end despite his good humor. Leighanne apparently shared a similar sentiment. The two of them had talked about it a little last night, and she had also expressed frustration at the fact that the two were still not together. But Brian wasn't thinking about that very much right now. Instead he was thinking about the song that was in his head and the choreography that went along with it.

He was looking through Kayla's bunk for the paper, and he had just about found them when he heard voices coming from the back of the bus. Brian recognized them as those of Derek and Benji, who was another one of Kayla's dancers.

"So you guys had fun last night?" Benji was saying.

Brian stopped what he was doing and turned towards them, naturally assuming that they were talking about the premiere.

"Yeah. We had fun," Derek said vaguely.

"Oh, really? Fun or...ah...'fun'?" Benji asked, adding innuendo to his voice.

"Well...the second one," Derek admitted, slightly embarrassed. "But, uh, we've been doing that for awhile, Benj," he added, smirking.

Brian's eyes widened. Kayla had been "having fun" with Derek "for awhile" and she hadn't told him about it?

"Really?" Benji said, surprised.

"Yeah, why is that so surprising?"

"I don't know. She just doesn't strike me as being that easy," Benji said.

Careful there, Benji, or I'll break your arm, Brian thought, starting to get pissed off.

"Hey," said Derek reproachfully, "she's not, okay? I mean, we got drunk. She wasn't herself."

Brian held back a gasp. She had gotten drunk, too? Exactly how much had Kayla been hiding from him lately?

"So are you two serious now or what?" Benji asked.

There was a pause. "Yeah, pretty much," Derek finally admitted. "I'm really falling for her, Benj."

Brian shook his head in disbelief. This couldn't be happening! Kayla wasn't supposed to be with him! She was supposed to be with Nick!

"But you can't tell anyone," Derek went on quickly. "We're keeping it under wraps for now."

"Why?" Benji asked. "If I was screwing her, I'd wanna tell the world! She's hot!"

"Benji," Derek warned.

He coughed. "Sorry."

"It's mainly because of my parents, but there are a few reasons," Derek explained. "Just don't tell anyone, all right?"

"Don't worry, I won't," Benji assured him. "Does anyone else know?"

"Just a couple of people. But they're sworn to secrecy too, so if you try to mention it to them, they'll just deny it," Derek answered.

"All right. Cool," Benji agreed. "But listen...I know she's friends with that really hot girl who dances for the Boys...her name's, like, Carmen or Cory or—"

"Carolyn," Derek supplied.

"That's it. She's single, isn't she?"

"I think so. You wanna hook up with her?"


"I'll see what I can do," Derek said.

Brian remembered where he was and suddenly realized that if he didn't get out of there soon, he would probably get caught eavesdropping. Grabbing the letter and shutting the curtain again, he quickly and quietly stole off of the bus.

As soon as he was back in the safety of his own hotel room, he made a beeline for the telephone. He quickly dialed Nick's room.

"Hello?" Nick answered after the third ring.

"Frack, it's me," Brian panted. "You are never going to believe what I just heard!"


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