Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Thirty-Six

"So—when are you gonna ask Kayla to this movie premiere?" Brian demanded out of the blue the next morning. They were back on their own bus again, and they were riding from their hotel to the venue.

"What makes you think I'm going to?" Nick replied, channel surfing on their TV.

"Come on, Frack, don't play that game. When are you gonna do it?" Brian asked in a no bullshit voice.

Nick shrugged. "You know, Rok, I don't think I will," he mused. "I mean, do I really want a relationship right now?"

"Uh...from the way you've been after her lately...I'm gonna say yes to that one," Brian decided.

Nick rolled his eyes. "Sure, Bri," he said sarcastically, focusing his attention on the television.

"Nick, you know she'd say yes to you. She was all over you at your party last night."

Nick stiffened a little. That shot hit home, and Brian knew it. He forced himself to shake his head. "She was just being friendly."

"I'll say she was being friendly," Brian muttered. "She was flirting with you the whole time we were at dinner—insisting on sitting next to you, laughing at all of your jokes...even telling you how good you looked. She was sitting in your lap in the freaking limo!"

"We ran out of room!" Nick protested.

"Hate to eavesdrop, but he's right," Howie chimed in. "She wants you, Nicky, my boy."

"Will you stop with the 'Nicky' shit? And you don't know that. You don't know anything," he shot back defensively.

"What do you want us to do, steal her diary and show it to you in writing?!" Brian exclaimed, getting exasperated. "Nick, the girl said she thinks you're hot, she trusts you like no one else, and she loves you as a friend at the very least. All it's gonna take is one tiny little push and she'll be eating out of your hand! If you don't tell her something soon of make some kind of move, you're going to drive the rest of us insane because it is so obvious that you two are meant to be! So will you please just ask her to the damn premiere and get it over with so I can sleep at night?!"

Nick blinked a couple of times, surprised to her such a tirade coming from the mouth of his best friend of all people. "Um, w-well..." he stuttered, at a slight loss of words. He coughed. "You really think Kayla and I are meant to be?"

Brian sighed. "I think that if you go about it carefully and treat her right...then yes, she could be perfect for you."

Nick smiled to himself, encouraged. "Well...I did have one idea," he said.

"Thank God. What is it? You could always just do the hotel room thing, you know," Brian suggested.

"Huh?" Howie asked, confused.

"Nothing," Nick said. "No, the idea I had was...well, like, you told her she should just take one of her dancers and they could just go as friends, right? Well, see, I was thinking that I could offer to take her like that—just as a friend—and then on the night of the show, I could show up at her door with a bunch flowers and...well, tell her," Nick finished.

"There you go. That's perfect," Brian applauded.

"She's gonna love it," Howie agreed, nodding. "You'll catch her completely off guard."

"You really think she'll like it?" Nick said.

"Of course she will," Brian assured him. "Just watch, she'll still start crying."

Nick smirked and pictured that look on her face when she opened the door and found him with the flowers—roses, of course. He could picture the way she would smile at him when he told her how he felt...and the sweet words and kisses that she would give to him as a result.

"I'll ask her next chance I get," Nick decided.

Howie and Brian grinned.

"Atta boy," Howie said as he stood up, patting him on the back.

"Go get her," said Brian.


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