Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Thirty-Four

Some old sitcom was playing on the TV in Kayla's tour bus one afternoon a few weeks later, but no one sitting near it was really paying attention. A few of her dancers were sitting on the couch and talking. Kayla was sitting on the floor and taking care of some mail while she talked with Brian and Nick, who were visiting her bus for the day.

"I don't know," Kayla was saying. "I'd like to have my family come in sometime, but it would just be so hectic for them. And the show would be too loud for my sister."

"Yeah, I remember when Angel was eight or nine. She hated the shows," Nick recalled. "But now she loves it."

"What about Aaron?" Kayla wondered.

Nick smirked. "Are you kidding me? He always loved it."

"Even when he was four?"

"Well...I don't know about that," Nick admitted.

Kayla smiled. "Well, maybe I'll just have them come in for my birthday," she planned.

"Oh? When's your birthday?" Brian asked.

"Brian! I told you!" Kayla said, laughing.

"Please don't kill me but I forgot," he said.

"Her birthday is exactly one month after mine," Nick informed him.

Kayla smiled. "Thanks, Nick," she said. Then her eyes widened. "Wait a minute. Does that mean your birthday is tomorrow?"

Nick rolled his eyes. "Yep."

"The big 2-0," Brian added.

Nick turned to him. "You're not giving me a surprise party again, are you?"

Brian smirked. "My lips are sealed."

"Fine, but I'm not acting surprised this year if someone else leaks the news again," Nick warned him.

"When did I say we were doing anything?" Brian asked innocently.

Kayla and Nick both laughed. "God, Bri, you're the worst liar I know," Kayla said.

"What about A.J.?" Nick pointed out.

"Oh, I stand corrected," Kayla agreed, giggling.

"Well, you'd better not do it onstage again," Nick told Brian.

"Don't worry. We don't want to get bombarded with presents again either," Brian replied.

"Good," Nick said.

"Whoa, what happened?" Kayla asked, opening up an envelope.

Brian grinned. "Well...when Nicky turned nineteen, we announced it onstage and had the fans sing to him with us, and then during the song they started throwing things, and Nick got hit in the head with—"

"Oh shit," Kayla murmured, looking at the letter she was holding.

"—a box of condoms, thank very much, Kayla, for interrupting, now what are you ruining my virgin ears about?"

When Kayla was finished laughing at him, she held up the letter. "Invitation to a movie premiere."

"Which one?"

"The new James Bond."

"Oh. Yeah, we're going to that," Brian said, nodding.

"But why is that an 'oh shit'? It'll be fun," Nick said.

"Because now I have to get a date. Damn it," Kayla muttered.

Nick swallowed hard but said nothing. So she needed a date...

"Aw, you don't have Kevin to save you this time. Kristin's going," Brian said.

Nick gave him a dirty look behind Kayla's back. The AMA's had been two nights ago, and of course, Kayla and Kevin had been in the same group as himself. The whole night he had been forced to be around her—she had looked absolutely amazing—and he hadn't been able to do anything because of Kevin. He had watched her dancing with him at an after party, and he had gotten so depressed that he had claimed he didn't feel well and gone home early.

Kayla nodded. "I figured he would take her," she was saying. "I wouldn't want to go with him again anyway. It would look wrong."

Brian shrugged. "Just take one of your dancers or something and go as friends."

Hearing this, Nick gave Brian an even dirtier look, but Brian ignored it.

"Yeah, I'll probably do that," Kayla agreed, making Nick's heart start to sink. "Oh, well, I don't want to worry about it now," she decided, putting the letter aside. "I'll find someone." She reached for more mail and smirked at Brian. "So tell me...what else have you done for Nick's birthday?"


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