Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Thirty-One

Nick was smiling to himself as he walked to the break room one afternoon a few days later, munching a bag of potato chips and humming one of their songs to himself. Looking around the room, he saw that Brian was the only other person in it, and he nodded and went over to sit next to him on the couch, feeling a faint feeling of relief. As he went to sit down, he saw the TV turned onto the view of the currently empty stage, and he smiled to himself. Watching Kayla perform the way they had on opening night had become a ritual for the Boys, and now they did it whenever they had the time for it—which was, of course, just fine with Nick.

"Hey," Nick said to Brian as he sat down. "Chip?"

"Sure," Brian said, taking a couple out of the bag. "What's up with you?" he asked suspiciously as he popped one into his mouth.

"What makes you think something's up with me?" Nick wondered innocently.

"First of all, you're sharing food."

Nick glared at his best friend. "You know what, Frick? Sometimes I wonder why you're a singer instead of a comedian," he mused sarcastically.

Brian grinned. "And second of all," he went on, "you've got a great big smile on your face and I don't know why."

That just made Nick smile wider. "Yes, well...I'm having a good day," he said carefully.

"Oh my and Kayla made out, didn't you?"

"No, we did not," Nick said impatiently. "I am happy because all of us got invitations today."

"Oh, that's right. For the AMA's," Brian recalled. "What's so great about that?"

"On the invitations it said we could each bring one guest, if we wanted to," Nick reminded him. "So guess who mine is gonna be?"

Brian's eyes widened, and he grinned. "Kayla? You asked her to go with you?"

", not yet," Nick admitted. "But I'm going to. And I'm gonna make it really good so she can't say no."

"Nick, I told you she wouldn't say no anyway."

"I know, but I'm gonna make it so she really can't," Nick planned, his eyes practically sparkling.


"I don't know exactly at this point...but it's gonna be something really romantic," he said excitedly. "I was thinking I could get a fan to hold up a sign outside one of the venues, or...oh, or put a bunch of flowers with a note in her dressing room, or...I don't know. Something like that."

Brian smiled. "So you're gonna let her know you like her?"

Nick grimaced. "Yeah. I'm not sure if I really want to yet, but...I'm just getting too sick of fucking around with it like this."

Brian sighed. "Thank God! I didn't think I could take much more of it!"

Nick laughed. "Yeah, well, you think you have it bad...think about what it's like for me."

"Good point," Brian agreed with a wry smile. "But can I make a suggestion?"

"Go ahead."

"Don't do the fan thing. Because that could go wrong really easily, and I know you really want this to work," Brian advised.

Nick nodded thoughtfully. "That's a good point," he agreed. Then he screwed up his face. "But I don't really like the dressing room idea. Flowers aren't creative enough." He thought for awhile before his face lit up again. "That's it!" he exclaimed.

"What's it?"

"I'll decorate her hotel room! I'll put candles everywhere and I can write it on the floor with rose petals or something!" Nick planned eagerly.

Suddenly Brian started to laugh, making Nick frown.

"What?" he wanted to know. "What's wrong with it?"

"No, no, it's perfect," Brian assured him, still laughing. "It's just that...oh God, Kayla's gonna start crying or something when she sees it."

Nick's frown deepened. "Huh? Why?"

"Well, because she's in love with you, dumbass! She's gonna be like..." Brian started to sniffle and pitched his voice higher. "Oh, one's ever done anything like this for me before!"

Nick laughed. "That sounds a lot like her. Although I somehow doubt that she's in love with me."

"You know she is, Frack."

Nick shook his head in a way that meant he didn't want to go into that discussion right now. Then he came a realization and his eyes widened. "You can't tell, Brian!"

"I'm not stupid, I'm not gonna tell her."

"No, I mean you can't tell anyone," Nick said. "I don't want it to get around and ruin the surprise."

"Don't worry, Frack," Brian reassured him. "My lips are sealed."


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