Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Twenty-Two

Nick sighed discontentedly to himself as he collapsed onto the couch in his dressing room six days later. Usually when he and the Boys were leaving early the next morning and opening up the next evening, he couldn't even sit still because of his intense excitement. But this time, it was different. This time, he could hardly even work up the energy to do a decent job in rehearsal. And he knew exactly why. In two words? Kayla Prescott.

Over the past month that he and the guys had spent with Kayla, Nick had continuously become more and more infatuated with her. Now it was at the point where he was almost sure that he was in love. And up until about a week ago, Nick had been really satisfied with the way things were progressing between the two of them. Especially after that day when they stayed home sick together. He couldn't believe that they had actually talked for four straight hours.

But lately things had been getting worse. He and Kayla were both so busy day and night that they never got to say two words to each other anymore. And Nick was starting to get worried. He was starting to think that maybe he had been imagining things when he had thought that the two of them shared some kind of connection, that maybe there was nothing too great about their relationship after all.

Hearing the call for thirty minutes out in the hallway, Nick yelled back his "thank you" and got wearily to his feet to go get ready for their final dress rehearsal. Wow, he really wasn't motivated to do this. Oh, well. At least it was just rehearsal. Hopefully his energy would go back up when they started performing for live audiences again. Otherwise this tour was going to suck big time.

* * *

Kayla slapped a few high fives as she came offstage from finishing up her set, a satisfied smile on her face. For the very first time, she had done all of the choreography exactly right with zero mistakes. It was a good thing she had, too, because tomorrow night, she would be singing for an audience of over ten thousand people

As Kayla entered her dressing room, she let out a dreamy sigh. "Ten thousand people," she whispered out loud. She shivered. It was completely unbelievable. Ten thousand people sitting out in the audience and watching her every move. It was also completely terrifying. If she made a mistake she didn't know what she would do. It would be so embarrassing.

But if she didn'tif she did her best performance ever... She couldn't even imagine how gratifying it would be. To tell the truth, she was afraid that she was going to start crying or something while she was onstage. Especially when she went back up onstage during the Boys' set to sing with them. She had gotten choked up doing that song just yesterday, when practically no one had been out there in the audience. Think of what it would happen when there were ten thousand people watching and cheering.

Thinking back to the other day, Kayla remembered that almost tearful performance and smiled. Although that had been the best she had ever done singing that song live, that wasn't the part that stuck out in her mind. Out of all the guys, Nick had been the only one to notice how emotional she had been getting. Giving her an encouraging smile, he had taken her hand in his and squeezed it tightly, letting her know that everything was okay. After that, Kayla hadn't been able to wipe a smile off of her face, and when the number had come to an end, she had impulsively given Nick a small hug before leaving the stage. Unfortunately, besides that instance and the other performances that she and the guys had been doing each day, Kayla hadn't gotten to talk to or otherwise interact with Nick at all over the past week. That disappointed her since the two of them were becoming such good friends, but all in all, it didn't upset her too much. She had a feeling that as soon as the tour got started and there were no more of these painfully hectic rehearsals, the two of them would actually have the chance to talk again, and their friendship would be right back on track.

Kayla was smiling and humming to herself as she got the black sparkly dress that she wore for "For The Rest Of My Life" off of the rack. Her dreams were finally coming true. And it felt so damn good.


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