Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Seven

Kayla took a deep breath and shifted uneasily in her chair at the theater where the auditions were being held. That week had passed by all too quickly. She'd had an extra meeting with her vocal coach the day before to prepare more, but she still felt like she didn't know what the hell she was doing. It's okay. Just let the music say everything, she told herself silently, closing her eyes. Her heart stopped as the person who was running the auditions came out of the main room holding a clipboard.

"Uhm, next is...Jenny Neil, and then...Amanda McFarlan."

Kayla's eyes widened. Amanda was here? She looked around the waiting room and saw that, sure enough, Amanda was sitting in the corner of the room chatting it up with two other girls. Kayla's heart started to pound even faster, and she felt like she was going to be sick as Jenny Neil walked past her and into the auditorium. What the hell am I doing here? she thought miserably. I couldn't even make my goddamn high school talent show, and I'm auditioning for a duet with one of the biggest musical groups in the pop industry. She groaned, feeling her palms start to sweat. Then her face hardened. No. I'm here because I love to sing, and I'm damn good at it, she told herself. And that's all that matters. Screw Mr. Lakeland. Screw them all. This is my dream, and I've been given this chance to accomplish it, so of course I'm going to seize the opportunity!

About ten minutes later, after Amanda had come out and told her new friends how well she had done, the man came out again.

"Gina Thompson, and then Kayla Prescott," he informed everyone.

Kayla sat up straight in her seat. Oh my God, she said over and over in her head. Oh my God, oh my God... She knew that the Boys weren't in that auditorium. They were in Los Angeles right now. But still, they might be watching the tape live... The next few minutes seemed to fly by, and her head felt like it was spinning in wild circles as the man came out again and called her name. She handed him her karaoke tape after going inside, and he smiled and told her to get up on the stage and use the mike stand. She could sit on the stool if she wanted to, or stand up, it didn't matter much. Kayla felt that her knees would give way any minute and chose to sit on the stool.

"Any time you're ready," the man called from the back of the auditorium.

Kayla tapped the mike to make sure it was working. This is it, Kayla. This your big chance. She nodded towards the man and took a deep breath as the intro to "We're A Miracle" started to play over the speakers.

* * *

Kayla managed a smile at the man as he handed her the tape and congratulated her on a job well done, even though it was hardly that in her opinion. She felt as if she was in a daze as she walked back out through the room of people waiting to try out.

"Hey, how did it go?" asked the girl who had been sitting next to her.

She shrugged and smiled weakly. "I've got to go. It was nice meeting you," she said mechanically.

"You too."

"Good luck," Kayla added as she walked stiffly out of the theater and through the parking lot to her car. When she got into the driver's seat, she threw the tape down on the passenger seat and collapsed on the steering wheel in tears. She had stumbled on two lyrics, cracked slightly on one of the high notes, and had just done so much worse in general than she had hoped to. I have no chance, she told herself. God, I'm such an idiot! I blew it. I was given such a good chance. It was practically gift wrapped! And I blew it. She managed to calm down a little and wipe away her tears. Oh, well. Like I had a shot at really getting the job anyway. She sighed as she put her key in the ignition and fired up the engine of her car. At least I got it over with, she reasoned as she pulled out of the parking lot.


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