Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Six

"So what the hell happened with Scott?" Linz asked Kayla the moment she got into Sara's car the next day. The three of them were going to the mall for a few hours.

Kayla groaned and rubbed her forehead. "Do we have to talk about that?"

Linz and Sara exchanged a thoughtful glance. "Yes," they both decided as Sara pulled the car out of Kayla's driveway and onto the street.

"Well, we were at the party, and we were talking to Melissa about how great our relationship was going and blah, blah, blah," Kayla related in a dull voice. "And then she played what we decided would be our song, and we started kissing...and then he took me into the guest room and basically made me choose between fucking him or getting dumped."

"So you dumped his ass," Sara concluded.

Kayla nodded. "Yeah. I just...I can't believe it. Scott's been one of my best friends besides you guys since seventh grade, and now he suddenly turns into a dick? It just doesn't make sense," she said in frustration.

"Yeah, well, boys suck. Life goes on," Sara muttered, staring glumly out at the road.

"And to make it worse, the audition is next weekend," Kayla reminded them.

"Oh, yeah," Linz remembered. "Are you nervous?"

"I'm fucking terrified," she confessed.

"You'll do good," Sara reassured her.

"If doing good is getting up there and getting so nervous that I can't sing a single note, then yeah, I'll be wonderful!" Kayla returned sarcastically.

"Look, do you want this?" Linz asked, turning around in the front passenger seat to look her friend in the eye.

Kayla nodded. "With all of my heart."

"Then you'll do good. If you're really that driven," Linz agreed.

Kayla shrugged. "I guess that if the Boys can just hear me sing, then it will be worth it. I want them to know how much they've affected my life, and my singing," she said, her eyes sparkling.

Linz smiled and shuddered. "That's so cool that they might actually know who you are now. I thought that they never would," she remarked.

Kayla grinned. "Well, if I get the job, I'm taking you with me!" she planned.

"Yeah, my parents would loooove that," Linz agreed sarcastically.

"Screw your parents, this is the Backstreet Boys we're talking about!" Kayla replied with a laugh, momentarily forgetting about Scott as the car sped down the highway towards the mall.


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