Love Will Find A Way

Chapter One

Kayla Prescott breathed in deeply as she got ready to sing the last chorus of the song.

"For the strength to be strong
For the will to carry on
For everything you do
For everything that's true
For everything you do
For everything that's true
I turn to you."

Kayla held the last note for a moment before she pulled the microphone away from her lips.

The three talent show judges, the choir director and two other teachers, clapped. The two other teachers were smiling, but Mr. Lakeland, R. L. Jackson High School's choir director, looked somewhat annoyed.

"Thank you, Miss Prescott," said Mr. Lakeland said sourly. "We'll let you know."

"When and where will the results be posted?" Kayla asked, getting her karaoke tape out of the stereo.

"Thursday after school right outside the choir room," he replied. "You still know where that is, right?"

"Y-Yes," Kayla stammered, clenching her teeth. "Thank you very much," she mumbled quickly as she hurried out of the room.

Her two closest friends, Sara and Linz, were waiting outside for her with her stuff.

"Hey," Sara said. "How did it go?"

Kayla swung her backpack over her shoulders. "Have I ever told you that I hate Mr. Lakeland?" she asked in response, mocking cheerfulness.

"What'd he do now?"

"'We'll post the results Thursday after school outside the choir room. You still know where that is, right?'" She grimaced. "He makes me sick," she muttered.

"Well, hey, there's still Miss Strickland and Mrs. Harris, right?" Linz pointed out, referring to the other two judges.

Kayla smiled tentatively. "Yeah...I guess the audition itself didn't go that bad. I didn't screw up, at least."

"That's always good." Sara laughed. "I bet you'll get it, Kayla. You always do better than you think."

Kayla just shrugged.

"So whatcha doing this afternoon?" Linz asked. "'I'm coming to your house, Linz,'" Linz answered for her.

"No, I can't. I have to go pick up my sister from her ballet class," Kayla replied with a pout.

"Emily's taking ballet?" Linz asked.


" don't have a car," Sara pointed out.

Kayla grinned. "I know. That's where Scott Bailey comes in," she explained.

"Ohhh, I see," Sara replied, raising her eyebrows.

Kayla rolled her eyes and laughed. "Yeah, yeah. I've gotta go. Bye."

"Well call you," Linz said as she and Sara walked off in the other direction.

"Bye!" Sara shouted.

Kayla waved and turned the other way. She went down the hall and turned left to get to Scott's locker. She found him putting books into his backpack and smiled. Scott Bailey was another senior. He had dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, and this amazing smile. Kayla had a minor—okay, a major—crush on him.

"Hey," he said with a warm smile when he saw her.

"Hey, Scott."

"You ready?" he asked, slamming his locker shut.

She nodded.

"Let's go then." The two of them started to walk. "So what have you been doing lately? Getting into trouble as usual?"

"You know me, Scott."

"What was it this time? Smoking in the girls room again?"

"All right, enough with the third degree! I admit it."

Scott grinned. "Seriously, though, what have you been up to?"

"Oh, not much. Talent show auditions."


"What else?" Kayla returned.

"What'd you sing?"

"Take a wild guess, Scott."

"Hmm..." Scott pretended to think. "Backstreet?"

Kayla laughed. "Yeah, that would sound great. Me belting out Kevin's bass line. Beautiful," she said sarcastically.

"Okay, never mind. Christina then?"

She nodded.

"Which song? Are you a genie in a bottle, baby?" Scott asked, imitating the dance moves from the music video.

Kayla laughed and shook her head. "'I Turn To You.'"

"Oooh, pretty!"

"Shut up, Scott!"

"I mean it. I like that song."


"So how did it go? Do you think that you'll make it?"

Kayla shrugged. "Mr. Lakeland doesn't like me very much."

"How can he not like you?" Scott asked with a laugh.

"I dropped his class."

"Well, that's no reason not to let you into the show. You have a good voice, you'd do a good job."

Kayla smiled and looked at the floor. "Thanks, Scott. But I doubt that Mr. Lakeland feels the same way."

Scott shrugged and smiled at her. "His loss."


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Lyrics from "I Turn To You" by Christina Aguilera
From Christina Aguilera
Words and Music by Diane Warren