I Turn To You

Chapter Two

"So where are we supposed to meet the guys?" Katie asked Kevin as the two of them walked off of the plane and onto the busy London airport.

"Uhm...here," Kevin said with a frown.

Just then four figures jumped in front of them and yelled, "BOO!"

Katie yelped in fear and grabbed Kevin's arm until she saw that it was Brian, A.J., Nick, and Howie. Howie, who was closest to her, hugged her first. "Hi, D!" she said excitedly, vaguely aware that Nick was watching her awkwardly.

Brian was next. "Heyyy, Katie! Long time, no see!" he remarked, hugging her.

"Hey!" Katie returned, not looking at Nick just yet.

"Slut!" A.J. exclaimed happily.

"Ass wipe!" she replied, hugging him tightly and laughing. She let go of him and found herself looking into Nick's eyes, the same color blue as her own.

"Hey," he said worriedly, searching her eyes.

"Hey," Katie echoed, looking away.

"Did...you like the surprise?" Nick asked.

Katie nodded. "Thank you."

Nick sighed. "Look, I'm really sorry for blowing you off before. Do you think that for the next couple months, we could put all of that behind us, Kitten?"

Katie couldn't help but smile when he called her that. The nickname originated from when they were little, before she had chosen to go by Katie. Nick hadn't been able to pronounce the word Kathryn and had shortened it to Kat, which had jokingly been turned into Kitty-Kat, which had then been turned into Kitten, and the name stuck, although these days, only Nick used it. She sighed and knew that she wouldn't be able to stay mad at her brother for very long. She made eye contact with him again and smiled. "All right, Nick."

He grinned and pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly. "Don't worry, Katie, things'll get better from here on out," he promised, letting go of her.

She nodded and smiled weakly. Nick grinned and reached forward to tousle her hair. She let out a little squeal and jumped playfully behind Kevin. Brian, Howie, and A.J. breathed a sigh of relief, seeing Katie and Nick getting back to normal.

"We have to get going," Kevin reminded everyone, checking his watch. "Our plane was a few minutes late, and we still have to go to baggage claim."

"Baggage claim?" A.J. echoed, seeing Katie's bag that Kevin was holding. "Shit, how much stuff did you bring?"

"Hell yes, baggage claim. I need two months' worth of stuff, Bone. And besides, Kevin packed," Katie smirked.

"Hey, I'm a good packer," Kevin pouted.

"I know," she said to Kevin, resisting the temptation to push him up against a wall and kiss him passionately. "I'm just kidding."

"Here, lemme get one of those," Nick volunteered, taking one of Katie's bags from Kevin. "This is gonna be so much fun, Katie. You're gonna love touring," Nick predicted.

"Yeah, the hours on the road, the five A.M. wakeups...it's pure heaven," Brian agreed sarcastically.

Nick laughed and swung an arm around his sister's shoulders. "Don't listen to B-Rok, it's really fun."

Katie smiled. "Okay, I trust you, Nick."

"Bad idea," Howie said in her ear in a stage whisper.

She laughed and hit him. "Don't talk about my brother that way!" she commanded.

Nick smiled and kissed the top of her head. It was so good to see her again. He had really missed talking to her, and he really regretted blowing her off for the past few months, but he hadn't exactly had a choice.

"So what's the itinerary for the next few days?" Katie asked cheerfully, smiling at her brother.

"Uh...Kev, you wanna handle that one?" Nick asked with a grin.

"We stay in London for three days, then we head over to Wales, and then we hit Dublin," Kevin said with a warm smile.

"Then Milan, right?" Katie asked eagerly. She had visited the guys in Milan once before, and she had loved it, just as Kevin did. The two of them had gone shopping there and had a blast.

"Yeah, then Milan," Kevin affirmed with a grin.

"All riiiiight!" Katie remarked, high fiving him.

"Okay, guys, be on the lookout," Howie warned as they turned a corner.

"For what?" Katie wondered.

"Fans," Howie and A.J. said simultaneously.

"Ohhh, G-d," Katie groaned. "Isn't that what your bodyguards are for?"

"Do you see any bodyguards?" Nick returned.

Katie laughed and gave him a small shove. "Where are they, anyway?"

"Waiting back on the bus," Brian laughed. "Lazy..."

Katie grinned. "Couldn't you get them fired for that?"

"Don't even say that!" A.J. ordered with a hurt expression on his face. "I love my bodyguard!"

Katie smirked. "You would, A.J."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked defensively.

"Relax, it was a compliment meaning you have a big heart."


As they kept walking, Brian, Howie, and A.J. got wrapped up in an intense conversation about the tour which Katie couldn't follow. Kevin was half-listening to them but mainly finding opportunities to look at Katie without being noticed by anyone. Katie and Nick were walking in silence, as he was just thinking, and she was trying to work up the nerve to ask him something.

"Uhm...Nick?" she asked hesitantly when they were almost to baggage claim.


"Listen, I was wondering...since we're going to be travelling and stuff, well...you know how much I wanna act and stuff...I was wondering if you could help me get some auditions?" she asked hopefully, glancing up at him. Even though they were twins, he was a whole head taller than she.

Just then some girls on the other side of the hall started screaming and pointing at the guys.

"Shit," Nick muttered. "Uh...y'all go entertain them for a few while Katie and I get her stuff."

The other guys nodded and started towards the girls.

"So..." Nick turned back to his sister. "Wait, you wanna act?" he asked in complete confusion.

Katie stared at him in disbelief for a moment before her eyes narrowed with anger. "You know what? You go and talk to your fans. I'm going to get my stuff."

"Katie, wait, I didn't...Katie!" Nick sighed and ran to catch up with the other Boys as Katie hurried off towards baggage claim, ignoring him. He tapped Kevin on the shoulder, knowing how close Kevin and Katie were.

"Hey, Kev, can you go talk to Katie? She's mad at me again."

Kevin sighed. "What did you do now?"

"I was just an idiot...please go and talk to her? I want her to have fun on this trip, and it's not really starting out that way," Nick said wryly.

"Okay, I'll talk to her," Kevin agreed, secretly glad for another opportunity to be alone with her.

Katie glared at her duffel bag as she lugged it off of the moving belt. G-d, she just hated Nick sometimes! Before he had been famous, he never would have forgotten about her dreams like that. She folded her arms and narrowed her eyes, watching for other suitcase. She found it and started to pull at it, jumping as two hands rested lightly on her hips from behind.

"Burned much?" Kevin asked, his eyes twinkling with humor as he moved her away and got the suitcase himself.

"You think this is funny? You think it's funny that Nick can do this to me?" she returned angrily.

Kevin immediately turned serious when he saw how worked up she was. "Baby, calm down," he soothed. "What did he do?"

Katie sighed and rubbed her forehead. "He's just being..." She paused to search for the right word.

"Nick?" Kevin supplied.

She smiled weakly and nodded. "He forgot about how much I want to act," she explained.

"He what?!" Kevin exclaimed. "What the hell...how could he forget that?"

"This is Nick we're talking about," Katie replied. "If I didn't have the same birthday as him, I guarantee he'd forget it on a yearly basis."

Kevin pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. "Listen, baby, Nick is trying really hard to be a good brother to you. Give him another chance, okay?"

"Okay..." Katie mumbled into his chest. "I just can't stand him sometimes!"

"Well, if he makes you mad again, just tell me, and I'll kick his ass!" Kevin promised with a grin.

"Will do," Katie agreed. "I would like to see you and Nick go at it. It'd be highly amusing."

"Why?" Kevin asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Because you'd beat him so bad, silly," she said, laughing.

Kevin looked around and made sure that no one was watching before leaning forward and quickly kissing her lips. "Okay, the other guys will be coming back any second now, but do you want to sneak into my room tonight?" he asked with pleading eyes.

Katie smiled. "How could I not?"

A minute later, Nick and the other guys were heading back towards them. Howie and A.J. were smiling and laughing, while Nick was talking to Brian with a worried expression on his face. Katie sighed, knowing that she had caused it. She really couldn't be angry with him for very long. He looked up and, seeing that she was watching him, hurried over to her.

"Kittenó" he began.

"I forgive you," she cut in with a smile.


"It's okay, Nick. I know that you probably have a lot on your mind. I forgive you," she repeated, stealing a glance at Kevin. He was smiling too.

Nick quickly hugged his sister. "I'm so sorry, Katie. Just that blond gene kicking in again."

"Uh...Nick? You dye your hair," Katie reminded him, pointing to the brown roots that were coming in on the top of his head.


Katie laughed. "You meant that it's just that Nick Carter IQ. kicking in again, right?"

Nick's jaw dropped. "You gonna take that back?"

"You gonna make me?" she retorted.

"As a matter of fact, yes, I am!" he announced, grabbing her around the waist and tickling her.

Katie shrieked and struggled to get away through her fit of giggles. "I take it back, I take it back!"

Nick let go of her, and she stuck her tongue out at him. "Serves you right," he said with a grin.

Katie laughed and flicked him off.

"Right back at ya," Nick returned with a grin as they started to walk again.

* * *

Kevin smiled to himself as he watched Katie and Nick talking excitedly up ahead of him as they kept walking through the airport. He was so glad that they had resolved their conflicts. A warm feeling spread over him as Katie started to laugh and playfully push Nick away. Damn, I really do have it bad for her, he thought, grinning as he gazed at Katie's bright blue eyes. Kevin felt the small object in his coat pocket, his smile instantly widening. Tonight was the night.


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