I Turn To You

Chapter One

*~2 Years Later~*

Once again Katie found herself in her last class of the year impatiently waiting for the end, but this time it was classical literature in her sophomore year at Yale University instead of seventh period AP English 4 back in Florida. Katie looked back to that day two years ago with mixed feelings. It had been the beginning of two big changes in her life, one good and one bad.

The good, it must be said, was Kevin. Since that first kiss up in Katie's room, they had formed a truly amazing relationship. Katie didn't know why it was so unusual; maybe because they had been friends for so long, maybe because they truly loved each other...she wasn't sure. What she was sure of, though, was that Kevin meant the world to her, and that she didn't want to lose him. Their relationship was still a secret, and both were deathly afraid that if anyone else found out, they would be torn apart.

However, another part of Katie's life was going downhill, and that was her relationship with her twin brother. Katie and Nick hadn't had a decent conversation since about six months ago when he had come home for his vacation, and even saying that was really stretching it. It wasn't like Katie didn't try to fix this. She was the one who was always calling his cell phone...and always getting his bodyguard or personal assistant or whatever he had now. Even worse, whenever Katie talked to her mother or father or even one of her siblings, all they would talk about would be how great Nick was, and how he had sold millions of records and probably had millions of fans and surely had millions of dollars. Katie knew how proud her mother and father were of Nick's success—that was only natural—so she didn't say anything to them. But she had gladly bitched out Leslie and B.J. on occasions for talking about Nick too much.

The professor finally dismissed the class, telling them all to take care and have a great summer. Katie smiled and went up to say goodbye to him personally before she left in smiles. For once she actually had a bit of regret that school was over for the two and a half months. She liked college; there weren't nearly as many Backstreet fans there who were continuously bothering her about Nick and the other guys, and she actually had a few friends. Besides that everyone pretty much left her alone, which was more than fine with her.

Katie walked out of the English building laughing with her friend Julie about some stupid joke, something that the two of them were always doing. If the professor hadn't liked the two of them so much, they probably would have gotten yelled at a lot.

"Hey, Katie, want a lift to your place?" Julie asked as the two of them reached the parking lot.

"No...didn't I tell you? My brother got me a car," Katie said.

"Nick or Aaron?"

Katie laughed. "Nick."

"He got you a car?" Julie laughed. "What did he do that for?"

Katie's face fell, and she looked at the ground. "For never returning any of my calls."

Julie sighed. "Oh...well, what did he get you?"

"A Durango," Katie said sourly. "Just like his, but blue instead of green. You know, because we're twins?" she said sardonically. She sighed sharply before a smile spread across her face. "I should trade it in for something else. That'd show him."

Julie laughed. "I wouldn't put it past you."

"And just what do you mean by that?"

Julie shrugged. "Nothing."

"I don't know...it just makes me really mad. He thinks he can make up for never being there for me or anyone else in our family by spending money us?" Katie half-questioned.

"Yeah, it sucks," Julie agreed. "Well, if you're not coming with me, then I'm going to meet Mike." Mike was her boyfriend of eight months.

"Okay...I'll call you or something."

"Sure," Julie agreed. "Bye."

"Bye!" Katie got into her Durango and couldn't help but smile as she revved up the engine. She had to admit, it was a pretty nice car. Maybe she wouldn't trade it in after all.

Ten minutes later, she was pulling the car into the parking garage of her apartment building. Katie's parents (with help from Nick that Katie wasn't supposed to know about) paid the rent for an off-campus apartment, which was fine with her. She hated sharing rooms with people like you had to do in dorms. The only person she had ever successfully shared a room with was...Nick.

Katie sighed and nodded a hello to the man at the front desk as she passed him and headed for the elevator. Right now, all she wanted to do was collapse on her bed and sleep. She pressed the button for the tenth floor and leaned against the wall as the doors closed.

Katie got off at the tenth floor and went to #10G, the last door on the left. She unlocked the door and dropped her book bag in the corner behind the door before going to get a glass of ice water. She went into the bedroom, closing her eyes as she took a sip of water and closed the door behind her.

"Hey there, beautiful," a low, corny voice said from inside the room.

Katie practically choked on her water as she looked up and started, seeing Kevin lying on his side on her bed and making a funny face. "Jesus, Kevin," she giggled, leaning back against the door. "Shit, I think I just lost a year of my life," she laughed.

Kevin rubbed the spot on the bed next to hi, motioning for her to come and lie down. "Come here, there's...room for one more," he said with a sly grin.

Katie smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed, putting the glass of water on the night stand. "So what are you doing here? Don't you guys have a sold out international tour to do?"

Kevin grinned. "Yup."

"So...how did you manage to come to Connecticut and get into my apartment? Don't you guys have to go do a show or something?"

"Yeah, we do. And you're coming with us," Kevin said with a grin.

Katie frowned. "What?"

"You're coming with us," Kevin repeated, sitting up.

Katie's frown deepened as she stared at him. "Okay, I heard you, but...what?!"

Kevin laughed and wrapped his arms around her. "It was Nick's idea. He wants to spend more time with his twin sister, and I must admit, so do I. Your bags are packed already. We have to leave for the airport in one hour. And by the way, I didn't get a hello kiss. What's up with that?" he wondered, leaning in for one.

Katie put a finger to his lips to stop him from kissing her just yet. "Wait, Nick thought of this?"

Kevin nodded. "Nick misses you just as much as I do, if that's possible," Kevin said with a smile.

Katie put a hand to her forehead. "Then why won't he return my freaking phone calls?" she asked in frustration.

"He doesn't have the time, baby," Kevin reminded her.

"But you have the time," Katie pointed out.

"I make the time because I know that if I don't make you happy, I'll lose you. That's conditional love. But no matter what, even if Nick doesn't return your calls, you two will still be brother and sister. That's unconditional love. And that's why he doesn't make much of an effort to keep up a good relationship with you," Kevin concluded.

"That makes sense, I guess," Katie agreed.


"But, you're wrong about one thing, Kevin," Katie informed him, climbing into his lap.

"And what would that be, Katie?"

"You're not going to lose me," she whispered.

Kevin smiled and stroked her hair. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brushed her lips against his softly. He smiled and went back for more, and this time, she intensified the kiss, making him murmur in pleasure. "That was one hell of a hello kiss," he whispered when they were done.

Katie kissed him again. "You say we have an hour before we have to leave for the airport?"

Kevin nodded and lay down on his back.

She climbed on top of him an kissed him again. "Well, I wonder what we'll be doing for the next hour," she mused as she pulled off her shirt.


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