Empty Spaces

Chapter Seven

For reasons unknown to mankind, Kylie woke up around quarter to eight the next morning. At first, while she was still half asleep, she thought she was with Dylan. But when she opened her eyes, she found herself wrapped in a pair of tattooed arms. For a moment, she was confused, disoriented, and, frankly, a little nervous. Then she remembered what had happened.

A satisfied smile formed on her lips as she carefully slipped out of his arms. She had actually done it. She had gotten into the pants of AJ McLean, one of the most popular recording artists there was. Kylie had to give herself a mental pat on the back. That was certainly a feat that few people in this world could accomplish.

She had gotten into bed with him...but something felt funny about it. Something was telling her that there was more to it than the simple fact that they'd slept together. AJ had seemed so desperate for her, and it wasn't just because he'd been horny. He had seemed intrigued by her. Fascinated. It was weird.

As she thought about the situation, Kylie suddenly realized something. She didn't know what the next move was. She and Dylan had talked about the actual seduction in the club again and again, and they had talked a little about getting him to ask for her phone number...but none of the scenarios they had discussed involved him still being asleep. So wake him up, Kylie reasoned simply. She glanced back at him and couldn't help smiling. AJ was anything but innocent, but he actually looked cute and peaceful when he slept. She didn't have the heart to wake him up.

Struck by an idea, Kylie grabbed the pen and the pad of hotel stationary from the bedside table. She carefully wrote down "Kylie MacPherson" and her phone number. She was going to write a quick note too, but she decided against it, thinking it would be best to stay mysterious. Smirking, she tore off the piece of paper and placed it gently on top of his bare chest. Then she proceeded to get out of bed and get dressed. It took her awhile because her clothes had been thrown all over the place, so she had to retrace her steps from last night, but she managed in the end.

Shouldering her purse, Kylie hesitated before leaving the room. What if he didn't call? She thought back to the way he'd followed her around in the club; the way he'd kissed her in the limousine; and—with a smirk—the way he'd clutched at her body and moaned her name. The smirk grew, and she walked out the door. He would call. No question.

* * *

When Kylie got back to her apartment, the very first thing she did was go to her and Dylan's room, where she wasn't surprised to find him still fast asleep. Smiling, she got into bed behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck the way she always did. "Wake up, hun," she whispered into his ear, playing with some of his hair.

After some coaxing, he opened his eyes and rolled over. His eyebrows shot up when he saw her. "Hey!" he exclaimed. "You're still in the dress! Does that mean..."

Kylie nodded. "Mission accomplished, baby!" she declared.

Dylan gave her a huge grin and hugged her tightly. "Tell me all about it! How did it go?"

She told him the whole story, deliberately omitting certain details that she knew would just make him jealous—for example, what had kept them occupied during the limousine ride.

"So what happened this morning?" Dylan asked when she was done. "Was he completely indifferent or still interested?"

"Actually, he was asleep, so that made it a little hard to tell," Kylie said.

Dylan's satisfied smile faded. "What do you mean? You just left while he was still asleep?"

"It's okay, I left my name and number," she said.

"Kylie!" Dylan groaned. "Are you out of your mind?! He's never gonna call! He's just gonna think, how perfect, a great fuck with no further obligations!"

"Honey, calm down," Kylie said, not at all fazed by his indignance. "It's not like that. When we were flirting, when we were kissing...it wasn't like he was just in it for the pleasure of being physical with someone. I mean, I pushed him away more than once at the club, and he kept pursuing me. He could have gotten any other girl in there with just a snap of his fingers, but with me, he actually had to try. I honestly don't think he's used to that. Plus..." She smiled. "It's that thing you were talking about. Mystery."

Dylan still faltered. "But...if he doesn't call—"

"He'll call," Kylie interrupted. "Trust me."

Dylan sighed. "Okay, okay." He smirked. "So was it as weird as you thought it would be?"

That hadn't even entered her mind, but she played along and grimaced. "Yeah...I missed you. I didn't say your name though."

"That's good. For you. Not so much for me."

"Well, we have other things that can be good for you," Kylie purred, stroking his chest.

"Mm, such as what?" Dylan asked, rolling over on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and they started to kiss. Dylan was reaching down to pull off her dress when the phone rang. "Ignore it," he mumbled into her neck before she could even reach for it.

"AJ," was all she had to say. He quickly rolled off of her and let her pick it up.

"Hello?" she said, squeezing her eyes shut and praying it was him.

"Kylie?" he asked hesitantly. His raspy voice sent a chill down her spine, but she concealed it.

"AJ," she replied, smiling.

"Hey," he said. He sounded relieved.

"Hey," she echoed.

"You left."

Kylie forced herself to stay calm and in control. All of a sudden, her heart was beating really quickly. "Yeah. I'm sorry about that, but I didn't want to wake you so early, and I had to go get ready for work."


"Yeah...I'm a waitress at Marty's. My roommate owns it," she explained.

He chuckled. "Maybe I'll come by sometime and see you in that cute apron."

She smiled. "Feel free to."

"So when do you get off tonight?"

"Six, why?"

"Well...I know I just saw you last night, but my time here is limited, so...do you wanna go out to dinner with me, maybe catch a movie afterwards?"

Kylie grinned and winked at Dylan. "Sure," she agreed.

"When's a good time to pick you up?"


"Eight it is. Where do you live?"

Kylie dictated her address and apartment number. "Where are we going?" she wanted to know.

"It's a secret," AJ said playfully. "Dress nice."

"Okay. I have to go..."

"Me too. See you tonight."

"Bye, AJ."


Kylie hung up the phone and turned to Dylan. "I am so damn good!"

"A date?"

She nodded.

"So soon?"

She nodded. "Tonight. He says his time here is 'limited.'"

Dylan grinned. "That's what they all say."

"I knew he would call."

"I know, I know, you told me so."

Kylie chuckled and sat up. "I'm gonna take a shower before we leave. I feel like I'm covered in dried sweat."

"Whoa, he made you sweat?" Dylan sounded just a tiny bit jealous.

Kylie smirked. "I won't lie, Dylan, he was pretty good."

"But," Dylan supplied.

"But I'd rather have you any day."

He squeezed her hand. "That's what I thought. Now go take that shower or we'll be late for work."

* * *

As AJ hung up the phone, he couldn't help but smile, finding himself slightly short of breath. Just hearing her voice over the phone practically set him off again. He couldn't put his finger on what it was that made him want her so bad, but there was something about her that he just found so sexy. Maybe it was the fact that she teased him so much. AJ loved it when women played hard to get; it was something that he rarely encountered anymore. And at the club, Kylie had probably been the epitome of that.

Shutting his eyes, he replayed the events of the previous night in his head. His smile widened. She had felt so good in his arms, against his body. She was practically addictive. One kiss and he was suddenly hooked, dying for more. Right now he wanted nothing more than to have her again...God, to get lost in those arms and that soft brown hair...and especially those beautiful eyes.

She intrigued him. She was like a mystery, and he wanted to figure out everything about her. It was more than just wanting to sleep with her. When he was around her, he got this urge to hold her close to him, to protect her. It was kind of a new feeling for him. Weird.


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