Empty Spaces

Chapter Five

That month passed by quickly, and before Kylie knew it, the day of the concert had arrived. She didn't start getting ready until around the time the concert began, since she wasn't going to the show, just the party.

"Kylie," she heard Dylan call from the living room as she dressed in the bedroom. "Come out."

"Hold on, baby, I'm only half dressed right now," she called back.

There was a pause. "Like I said, come out."

She laughed. "Just a second," she said. She finished getting dressed and walked out into hte living room, where her boyfriend was lying on the couch.

"Good God," he moaned when he saw her. "You look so sexy."

"Thanks. I still have to do my makeup."

"C'mere first," Dylan pleaded.

Smiling, she went over and sat down on his stomach. He took her hands and pulled her down so that she was lying on top of him and they were face to face. He began to smother her with soft kisses, and she let out a happy mix between a moan and a giggle.

"I'm already jealous of this AJ guy," Dylan murmured, kissing her lower lip.

"Mm, why?" Kylie whispered.

"'Cause he gets to take this dress off of you." Dylan started kissing her again.

His lips drifted down to her neck. "You know, this is gonna be really strange," Kylie remarked when her mouth was no longer busy.

"How so?" Dylan wondered.

"Baby, no hickeys," she reminded him. He pouted but stopped the kisses. "Well," she went on, "it's been so long since I've had sex with another guy," she pointed out. She smiled. "I'm so used to you."

"And for that I'm very grateful," Dylan said, grinning. "Well, considering your...technique...I don't think you'll have too much trouble making his head spin."

She kissed him. "Thanks, hun. Now I have to do my makeup."

"Are you leaving your hair like that?" Dylan asked. It was pulled back into a messy twist with two black chopsticks, and some loose strands hung around her face.

She nodded. "He can pull it out when we're—knock on wood—getting undressed."

"Hey, that's what I do," Dylan realized.

"I know, and don't you find it sexy?"

Dylan grinned. "Good point."

* * *

"Five minutes," the stage manager called to the guys.

"Thank you five," they all chorused dutifully.

"The end of the tour," Kevin Richardson remarked with a crooked grin.

"So sad!" Brian Littrell agreed, wiping away a fake tear.

Kevin rolled his eyes. "Shut up, Rok."

"I just wanna get it over with," AJ McLean said, sounding bored.

"And get to the party?" Howie Dorough assumed.

AJ grinned and nodded. "Gettin' laid tonight," he announced.

"Please, Bone, tell us more about your sexual plans for the future," Nick Carter encouraged sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"You're not gonna get laid too?" AJ asked in surprise.

"I won't have time. I'm leaving the party after an hour and flying home."

"Wow, you're cool," AJ remarked, smirking.

"To see Amy," Nick added coolly.

"Finally asking her out?" Kevin asked.

Nick grinned and nodded.

"Well, have fun, and good luck, my friend," AJ said.

"No, good luck getting laid," Nick said. "You're the one who'll need it."

AJ rolled his eyes. "Don't think I'll need it, but..." He faked a smile. "Thanks Nicky!"

"Places," the stage manager called.

"Thank you places," everyone said.

Kevin smiled. "All right, guys," he said. "Let's do this."

* * *

"I'm ready," Kylie said, walking into the living room again.

"Wow," Dylan said softly.

She smiled. "Thanks. Think it'll work?"

He shrugged. "I'd screw you as soon as look at you."

"But you're in love with me," she reminded him.

"Ditto," Dylan said with a grin. His face turned serious. "Remember that, okay?"

"Baby, don't worry about it," Kylie soothed, touching his face. "I'm just afraid that I'm gonna accidentally scream your name or something."

"Somehow that makes me really happy and really worried at the same time," he remarked.

Kylie smiled and wrapped her arms around him tightly. "I love you."

"Love you too. Remember the stuff we talked about," Dylan said.

"Will do. See you tomorrow, hopefully," she said with a smirk.

"Okay." Dylan kissed her forehead. "Good luck."

"Thanks." Kylie gave him one last squeeze before slipping out the door and starting the journey that her entire fate seemed to be resting upon.


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