Can't Say Why I Love You

Chapter Nine

Katie wrapped her arms around A.J.'s neck as the two of them kissed passionately that afternoon. She smiled slyly as he led her over to the bed in his hotel room and took off her shirt. Just then there was a knock on the door, and A.J. and Katie broke their kiss and groaned.

"Don't move. I'll be right back," A.J. whispered into her ear. He went to the door and opened it to reveal Kevin. "Kevin! Hey!" A.J. said loudly. Katie heard him and pulled her shirt back on.

"Hey, Bone. We have to leave for Linz's house in five minutes," Kevin informed him.

He frowned. "Linz's house?"

"We're going there for dinner, remember?" Kevin reminded him.

"Ohhh, yeah," A.J. recalled. Damn it! he thought.

Kevin was going to leave but remembered something. "Oh, have you seen Katie? She's not in her room."

"I'm in here, Kevin!" Katie yelled from inside the room.

Kevin stepped inside and saw his little sister stretched out on her stomach on the bed, watching TV. "What are you doing in here?" Kevin wondered.

She shrugged. "I got lonely."

A.J. stifled a laugh.

"Okay, well did you hearó"

"Yeah, Linz's house, five minutes," she finished for him.

"Yeah. Okay, I'm going to get a couple of taxis," Kevin informed the two of them and walked out the door, leaving it wide open.

As soon as Kevin had disappeared, A.J. shut the door and went back to Katie.

"Mm...A.J., let's skip dinner," Katie suggested as he kissed her neck.

"I wish we could," he murmured into her neck, "but we have to go."

"I know, I know," Katie replied glumly. She kissed him once more before pulling away and going to the door. "I'll see you downstairs, Bone."

He pulled her towards him one more time. "Hey, there's still tonight after dinner, right?"

"Of course." He tried to kiss her, but she broke away. "Later, later," she assured him, patting his cheek as she went out into the hall and ran right into Nick.

"What's later?" Nick asked.

Katie jumped. "Huh? Oh G-d, Nick, you scared me!" She realized what he had asked her and thought fast. "Oh...just dinner. Bone wouldn't stop whining about how hungry he was," she lied with a little laugh.

"Oh..." Nick replied. Katie prayed that he would not doubt her story as he started to speak again. "Sounds like something I would do," he added, grinning.

Katie laughed as she wrapped her arms around Nick's neck from behind and jumped onto his back. "Yes, I think that A.J. was having a Nick Carter moment," she remarked with a laugh.

Nick leaned back, trying to make her fall off. She yelped and clung to his neck tighter. "Katie...air..." he pretended to gasp.

She laughed and held him even more tightly. "Then straighten up, dork!"

He did as he was told.

"Now, git along, little doggie!" Katie shouted, slapping Nick on the back of the head.

"You smacked the wrong place," Nick told her with an evil grin.

"Nickolas Gene Carter, what would Lanie think?" Katie asked, referring to his longtime girlfriend. He started to reply, but she cut him off. "Move!"


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