All Through The Night

Chapter One

Lynz put a hand to her forehead as she paced back and forth in the hotel room, her eyebrows creasing in a nervous frown. Why wasn't he here yet? It was twelve o'clock. He had said he would be at the door at eleven thirty. And he was never late. Ever. What if he didn't come? Lynz needed him to come. If it hurt this bad when he was twenty minutes late, she was sure that she would die from the pain if he didn't show up at all.

Jesus, relax, Lynz, the sensible side of her mind was telling her. You're blowing this way out of proportion. So he's a few minutes late. So what?

He's never been late before, that's what, another side of her brain reminded her. You know what that means don't you? He's not coming at all this time. He found someone else and he doesn't want you anymore.

That's nonsense! the rational side argued. He loves you. He told you he'd love you forever.

So he was lying to you, countered the other part, the part that wanted her to suffer. He always was a smooth talker. He could have easily been lying to you.

But you could see the love in his eyes, the reasonable part insisted.

No, you thought you could see the love in his eyes, said the sly, evil part. Face it, Lynz. He left you. He fell in love with someone else, and you'll never see him again. After a year, he's not even going to remember who you are. Just watch...

Lynz's head started to throb, and she groaned, collapsing into a chair. She knew that it was bad to feel like this, but she couldn't help it. He was her entire life, her entire world. Whenever she was without him, she was miserable. Totally alone. She wasn't very good with people, so she didn't really have any friends, and she didn't know where her family was. He was the only one, and when he was gone, she didn't feel whole.

But when he was there with her... The feeling was like nothing else in the world. Made all of the pain from separation completely worth it. All that it took was a simple touch of his hand or a soft whisper in her ear, and she forgot about everything except for the two of them. Lynz hadn't been with a lot of men her twenty-one years, and the ones that she had been with hadn't compared to him in the least. She was sure that the two of them were meant to be together, and she knew she would give anything just to have him with her for the rest of her life.

Suddenly there were a few rapid knocks on the door. Lynz's head snapped up, and she leapt to her feet. She ran over to the door and quickly undid the locks. Then she swung it open.

He was standing there with a sad expression on his handsome face, his blond hair slightly disheveled from the rain. His light blue t-shirt was speckled with drops of water, as were his baggy khaki pants. Just seeing him gave her a rush of happiness, of desire, of longing.

"You're late," Lynz observed softly, her voice edged with pain. She could smell his cologne from where she was standing. The sweet, perfect smell was giving her a sick, almost nauseated feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Without a word, he reached forward, his fingers brushing hers before he took her hand in his own. Bringing it to his lips, he planted a soft kiss on her palm. Then he pressed it against his chest.

"Forgive me," he whispered, his blue eyes begging.

Lynz smiled shyly, feeling the beating of his heart against her hand. "Of course, Nick," she whispered back. "Come in. You look cold." Lacing her fingers with his, she pulled him inside the room. He shut the door and was careful to lock it behind them.

Once inside, Nick reached for his shirt. "It's all wet," he explained before pulling it up over his head and letting it drop to the floor. Lynz laid eyes on his bare chest, and she felt another rush of incredible feelings. He was so perfect.

Nick took her in his arms, his hands resting on the small of her back. "How have you been, sweetheart? It's been forever since I've seen you," he remarked.

"A month," Lynz said, shrugging, even though that month had felt like ages to her.

"A month too long," he corrected, pulling one arm from around her and touching her lips softly with his fingertips. He slid his hand over to the side of her face and tucked a stray curl of auburn hair behind her ear.

"Nicky..." Lynz whispered, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

He moved his hand around to the back of her head and stared into her green eyes, not saying anything. Lynz willingly stared back. She could stay like that for so long, just looking into those beautiful blue eyes. But he leaned forward so that his lips were next to her ears and the gaze with her was broken.

"Close your eyes," he whispered softly.

Lynz smiled that smile that she only wore around him as she obeyed. One of his arms tightened around her waist as he stepped closer to her, and she felt a swelling of emotions inside her when she imagined what he was about to do. The hand on the back of her head pulled her towards him a little, and she felt his breath on her face for a moment before his lips met hers in a soft kiss.

Lynz was sure that she was in heaven as he kissed her and held her in his arms. It was just perfect. There was no other way to describe it.

As the kiss went on, she could feel that he was aching to go further. Shifting her position a little, she parted her lips just the slightest bit. He felt it and went gratefully along with her, opening his mouth and letting the kiss deepen.

They broke away for air about two full minutes later. By that time, Lynz's mind was reeling, and the fact that they were bound to go even further than kissing that night didn't exactly calm her down. It was only as they stood there not touching that Nick noticed her attire.

"Is that robe all you're wearing, baby?" he asked, his voice catching a little in his throat. He wanted her bad, she could tell. He was never much good at concealing those emotions.

Lynz smiled slyly as she nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck. A smirk crossed his face as he scooped her up off of the floor and carried her over to the king-size bed, setting her down with the greatest of care. As he moved on top of her and reached down to lift the robe off of her body, Lynz was sure that she had found her perfect man and that nothing would ever tear her away from him.


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