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That's The Girl I've Been Telling You About

Lara is a senior in a Boston high school with a quite complex life. Her mother is dead, her father is an alcoholic, and she hates her stepmother...to name a few. Her safeguard? The Backstreet Boys. Her dream? Well, there are two. To meet Kevin Richardson and to be a singer. But which of these, if any, will come true? Read to find out!

Real Good Friends

Ally is Kevin's best friend and has been for eight years. Ally knows everything about Kevin, and he knows everything about her. Except for one thing. She's in love with him. Ally would just tell him and ask him out, but there's one problem. He's married to a woman named Anna.

Give Me Your Heart

Jenna Wilson and Kevin Richardson are both high school seniors who love to do theater. The differences between them, however, are many. For example, Jenna only acts at Elliot Repertory theater, and Kevin sticks to school shows. Not to mention the fact that Kevin's the most popular guy in school. What will happen when their two worlds collide?

Out Of My Life

Kevin Richardson and Madison Clark have both just come out of relationships. Kevin's girlfriend for many years, Ana, left him because of his career, and Madison broke away from Mark because he abused her. Now she is in Las Vegas with no money or work and a lot of pain to deal with. See what happens when the two of them meet...in a rather unusual setting.


With Every Breath I Take

Brooke and Howie have both been hurt before. Neither is looking for any kind of a commitment. But then they meet at Sara and Kevin's wedding, and things start to happen. They end up going to Howie's hotel room that night. Will they end up meeting again, or will they just remain a one night stand? You've gotta read it to find out!


True To Your Heart

Liz is a young woman in her twenties, married to an alcoholic since the age of eighteen. Brian is the same age as Liz, and he is just looking for someone to settle down with, sick of going through women one after another. What will happen when the two of them meet? Read if you wanna know!

Corner Of The Sky

Katia Johannsen is a gorgeous, world-famous supermodel who is only twenty-one years old. Although everyone thinks she is perfect, the truth is she is almost suicidal. All she really wants is someone to love her for something other than her face or body. When our story opens, she is starting to doubt that this person even exists. That's when Brian Littrell moves in next door.

Stuck Without You - The Story

They seemed like the perfect couple. Yes, they did have their fights...they would split up from time to time...but everyone always assumed that they would end up together. But this time, things are different. This time, it's permanent.

I'm Still On Your Side

Eighteen years have passed since the millennium. Brian and Leighanne Littrell now have a seventeen-year-old daughter named Angela, who inherited both her mother's beauty and her father's talent and love for music. However, one thing is unsteady in her and her parents' lives - Brian can't stand her boyfriend, Parker Williams. See what happens when Brian's overprotective nature gets a little out of control.


***If You Knew What I Knew***

Linzey is A.J.'s best friend. All though he doesn't know this, she's madly in love with him. What will happen when he asks her to go to a glitzy awards show with him? Read and you'll see!

***Empty Spaces***

Kylie MacPherson is an aspiring singer living in L.A. She lives, works, and performs with her boyfriend and the love of her life, Dylan Reynolds. But there's a problem: despite all their attempts and hard work, Kylie just can't get discovered. How far will she go to get the life she's always dreamed of? Read to find out!


***Love Will Find A Way***

Kayla is seventeen years old, and she loves to sing. Her main dream is to sing with the Backstreet Boys. But she knows that the chances of this ever coming true are practically nothing...or are they? FINISHED

***The Hardest Thing - Sequel to Love Will Find A Way***

Kayla and Nick have been together for over a year now, and they couldn't be happier. On top of other things, they've survived the switch to a long distance relationship and pressure from the media. By now, they think they've got it made...but they have no idea of what's still to come.

A Love For All Seasons

Jessica Olson is a senior in high school, an aspiring singer, and, of course, a Backstreet Boys fan. Sometimes she thinks she has a pretty complicated life...but she has no idea of what is to come.


***Can't Say Why I Love You - formerly Untitled***

Katie Richardson is Kevin's little sister. She's single at the moment, and the guys she has been dating lately are just not right for her at all. Then one night she and A.J. are hanging out in her hotel room, and...well...you have to read to find out what happens! FINISHED

***Through Thick And Through Thin - sequel to Can't Say Why I Love You***

This story takes place about a year after Can't Say Why I Love You ended. Things between everyone in the story are going pretty well...but then some awful secrets are uncovered in Katie and Kevin's significant others. Will they be separated from the ones they love, or will everything turn out all right? Read and you'll know! FINISHED

***If I Don't Have You - sequel to Through Thick And Through Thin***

It's been two years since the episode with Carlos and Thomas, and everything looks like it is finally settling down. Nick, Kevin, and Brian are married, and Howie is fast on his way. The only place where things are unsteady is...A.J. and Katie's relationship. Find out if the two of them can stand the test of time or, like so many others, their love has finally faded.


Candle On The Water

In this slightly different story set at the beginning of the 1990's, the guys are portrayed as normal everyday men instead of pop stars. See what happens to them and their wives when war is declared.

Every Second Counts

When the Backstreet Boys opted to take a week-long cruise to the Bahamas, they thought they would be kicking back and taking it easy for a little while. Were they ever wrong. Read this and discover how much one single day can affect all of our lives - for better and for worse.


***Someone Like You***

Katie Cartier, at the age of twenty-six, is completely lost. She was separated from her family at age sixteen, ten years ago, when she was involved in a car crash...and lost all of her memory. And since then, she's had some pretty awful experiences, especially with the opposite sex. Will she find her family? And if not, will she finally find a man who is right for her? Read it to see!

I Turn To You

At the age of eighteen, Katie Carter is known everywhere, even among her family, as Nick's twin sister. This would be fine with her if she and Nick were close like they used to be. Problem is, they're drifting apart. She's actually closer to her longtime crush Kevin Richardson than to her brother. Will Katie and Nick ever make up and be close like they used to be? Read and you'll find out!


So Emotional

Skyler, a nineteen-year-old aspiring singer has been dreaming about meeting Nick Carter for years. But when it finally happens, it turns out that he already has a girlfriend named Elissa. Skyler befriends Howie and becomes semi-close to Nick. But will Nick ever find out about Skyler's feelings for him? And if so, how will he react? Ya gotta read it to see!


All Through The Night

Before she met Nick, Lynz had thought she'd been in love before, but now she knows she was definitely mistaken. Loving Nick is her whole life, the reason why she lives each day, and when she's with him, she's in heaven. The only question that's never crossed her mind is whether or not he's too good to be true.


  • Don't Say Goodbye, a Nick and A.J. story
  • Weep Not For The Memories, a Nick story

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